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Archives Last Updated: May 31, 2013 - 11:54:23 AM

Enjoy summer fun in the Twilight on a shoestring
By Penny Heater
Jun 12, 2009 - 12:33:29 PM

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Enjoy summer fun in the Twilight on a shoestring

Preschool has barely been out one week and I am already getting the ‘I’m bored’ stares from my son. While we all look forward to summertime, there is always the inevitable let down the loss of all that activity brings him. I too have a bit of summer time let down; mine comes from my DVR being void of any ‘new’ activity as it fills with only re-runs of my favorite shows. Seems we both need to find something new to fill our time.

As I contemplated throwing money at the problem and hitting Toys’R’Us, I realized I would first need to clean out my garage to make room for new summer toys. Our garage was already at capacity from all last year’s summer toys. What a waste. Surely there was something I could do with them that would re-ignite some playing passion. So we began repurposing.

The swimming pool bought for last summer’s then two-year-old was far too small for our now three-year-old big boy. After thinking for a while I realized if I threw in a couple of hula hoops it was just the right size for a giant bubble toy. So after a bit of bubble research we mixed 8 gallons of distilled water with 96 ounces of Joy dishwashing soap and 12 ounces of glycerin, (I found mine at, $5 for 16 ounces) and around 400 or so ounces of bubble solution. For best results all the bubble experts recommend leaving it to meld overnight. Invite the neighborhood kids over and throw in all the leftover bubble wands you have laying around for even more fun, even string can make cool bubbles for the older set. Old toys, new uses, amused three-year old - all equaling time on my hands, every mother’s dream.

Shoved in the back of our garage we have all those really fun Little Tykes toys, but again we loved them last summer, but find them so last year this summer. Given the money I spent on them I was determined to eke out one more summer of fun. I took our water and sand table and filled it with a mixture of dried beans, yes beans, and some old measuring cups and spoons. Lo and behold the old toy has found new life. And given that the beans are easy to clean up, this one even gets to stay in the house now for rainy day sorting and measuring fun. And when the boredom sets in for this activity we have the beans for science experiments, like what happens when they get wet or if we plant them, and of course, all the possible art projects.

However none of this helps me with my summer boredom, or does it? I now have some time on my hands while he is busy having fun and so I happened to pick up a book.

Now I am just warning you, as the lender of this book warned me, this series can be quite addicting, but if you are looking for a great summer diversion, think easy read—no brainer, look no further than the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyers.

I admit it, I am beyond addicted. The good news, the books are dirt cheap at Wal-Mart, only $7.89 for the first two and only $13 for the final two hardbacks. The bad news, if you are like me, is that you will not want to put them down and the shortest is around 500 pages. I was lucky enough to come down with a triple whammy sinus infection/stomach bug/bronchitis and found myself in bed with nothing but time. (The addiction is so bad my husband actually questioned if my doctors visit and subsequent need for time in bed to recover was all a ruse to read my books!) Although I didn’t need it, I read them all in less than four days.

In the interest of getting my money’s worth, just like with my sons’ toys, I have just nestled in to read them all over again, all in the name of frugality of course. Now if only I could catch another bug so I could read uninterrupted again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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