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Father's Day gifts can be adventurous and out of the ordinary
By Penny Heater
Jun 18, 2009 - 2:43:02 PM

Father's Day gifts can be adventurous and out of the ordinary

A rare moment of me enjoying my music on the car radio versus our usual, The Wiggles, led to my son requesting his favorite night time lullaby. Sounds innocent enough, right? A melody on the radio causing him to be wistful for the song he and his daddy sing every night at bedtime? How sweet, huh?

Except that the song on the radio was by Guns ’n Roses and his requested song is the same band’s version of Knocking on Heavens Door. Seems when daddy took over the bed and bath ritual upon baby number two’s arrival, the only song he could think to sing was this one. So, yes, every night my precious baby boy is lulled to sleep with lyrics like, "Mama put my guns in the ground, I can’t use them anymore."

And so it goes in our house. Daddy is always a bit irreverent and taking a few more risks than makes me happy, but we all thrive regardless. And shoot, if I’m honest, maybe because of it. So for Father’s Day, a tie and some BBQ gadgets won’t do the trick. Nope. We are in need of adventure and out of the ordinary.

I found just what I needed at For only $99 I could give our guy the gift of Zen kite surfing instructions. He has always wanted to try this extreme sport. I figure as long as the life insurance is paid up, why not let him walk on the wild side. During his instruction the staff promised me he will learn how to become the pilot of a single wing. And if I upgrade to the $259 package, they will give us a $100 credit back towards gear if he really gets hooked and wants to take this up as a hobby. So long as he doesn’t pass this one along to my son, I will be fine with this.

After an amazing blue crabbing trip a few weekends ago through the Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation department, we decided that we did, in fact, need a crab trap off our dock, and I made a mental Father’s Day note for a gift idea. Leave it to my husband to enjoy the thrill that comes from wrestling pinchers for less than four ounces of meat. To help him in his pursuit I was able to find an amazing crab trap deal online, surprisingly from a guy on Ebay. He was from Louisiana and had tons of advice for me. You can find his online Ebay store at gallwilj. Yes, that’s what he calls his store. Do keep in mind with no name comes the best deals. I was able to get a great trap for only $24.99.

Now nothing would make our Daddy happier than a new shiny kegerator in our garage (he’s not crazy enough to even dream of it being in MY kitchen) filled with Samuel Adams beer. I looked into this option for him, knowing the joy it would bring him, but the best deal I could find was still over $450, not quite what I had budgeted for Father’s Day. So instead I visited and picked him up a wall mounted bottle opener and beer top catcher duo for a budget friendly $10. Not quite the same, but still better than a tie.

If you ask my son what song his mommy sings to him at bedtime he says, "The Jesus song." If you ask him what song his Mimi sings to him he says, ‘The twinkle star song." I guess daddy’s lullaby pick wasn’t that far off, Jesus and the stars all live in Heaven, right?


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