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The Daniel Island News 3.13.14

Posted in: Archives

Download attachment(s): [ DI_News_3.13.14.pdf ]

Take advantage of free summer fun with these ideas

Posted in: Archives

Most of the time I love getting free stuff; the one exception being the ever-flowing free advice from my husband on how to better my driving.

You can only imagine my joy and deep longing to give my own free advice when in the course of one hour he recently rammed the back end of my SUV into the boat trailer, (big dent in bumper) and then, less than 20 minutes later, forgot his truck was behind him as he backed the boat down our driveway only to feel the raised boat motor ramming into the trucks hood, (even bigger dent). While I could barely contain myself, I would hate to leave my children motherless, so I stopped short of offering my own free driving advice.

Father's Day gifts can be adventurous and out of the ordinary

Posted in: Archives
 Father's Day gifts can be adventurous and out of the ordinary

A rare moment of me enjoying my music on the car radio versus our usual, The Wiggles, led to my son requesting his favorite night time lullaby. Sounds innocent enough, right? A melody on the radio causing him to be wistful for the song he and his daddy sing every night at bedtime? How sweet, huh?

Except that the song on the radio was by Guns ’n Roses and his requested song is the same band’s version of Knocking on Heavens Door. Seems when daddy took over the bed and bath ritual upon baby number two’s arrival, the only song he could think to sing was this one. So, yes, every night my precious baby boy is lulled to sleep with lyrics like, "Mama put my guns in the ground, I can’t use them anymore."

Enjoy summer fun in the Twilight on a shoestring

Posted in: Archives
 Enjoy summer fun in the Twilight on a shoestring

Preschool has barely been out one week and I am already getting the ‘I’m bored’ stares from my son. While we all look forward to summertime, there is always the inevitable let down the loss of all that activity brings him. I too have a bit of summer time let down; mine comes from my DVR being void of any ‘new’ activity as it fills with only re-runs of my favorite shows. Seems we both need to find something new to fill our time.

If you give a mommy a part-time job, she is going to want ...

Posted in: Archives

My son’s current favorite bed time story book is If You Give a Cat a Cupcake. If you are not familiar with this story it walks you through all the things that the cat will want if you give him a cupcake. It seems in this story one simple act leads to a whole multitude of other needs.

This past month I felt a bit like that cat after securing a very part time job in human resources. My story reads like this, "If you give a mommy who is used to having a great big executive office at a fortune 500 company a part time job out of her house, she will want a mac-daddy office like she used to have."

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