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Business Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 - 9:49:22 AM

Familiar Faces: Daisy Rozier counts her blessings at NBSC
By Elizabeth Bush
Oct 31, 2012 - 9:47:17 AM

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As a young college student strolling through town in her native Philippines, Daisy Rozier caught a glimpse of something that looked intriguing.
“I would get out of school and pass by a bank,” she recalled. “I would pause and look through the window and imagine myself in it!”
About fifteen years later that vision would become a reality for Daisy, who has been working for NBSC, a division of Synovus Bank, since 1997. She spent three years working at the bank’s downtown Charleston branch and later moved to the Goose Creek branch. In 2005, she joined the NBSC staff on Daniel Island and has been there ever since.
“My duties can range from personal banker to head teller,” said Daisy, who makes an effort to get to know each of her customers by name. “My duties may vary a little, but the mission remains the same – from assisting customers to managing their accounts, opening accounts, and recommending different services.”
As a head teller, she is also responsible for cash management at the branch, as well as managing and supervising the teller line. Her best account doesn’t have anything to do with banking. It is the story of her journey from her hometown in Tarlac, located on Luzon Island in the northern region of the Philippines, to an island in Charleston some 8,000 miles away.   
“I come from a big family of eight children,” she said. “We’re very close and very family-oriented…There weren’t many toys to play with back then. We were always outside!”
Daisy’s father worked as a farmer and her mother was a homemaker who eventually opened her own convenience store. She set her sights on college and later was hired as a secretary for the United States Air Force at Clark Air Base in Angeles City on Luzon Island in the Philippines. There she would meet her future husband, a civil engineer stationed at the base. In 1987, the pair decided to move to California, where they got married. Two years later, her husband was assigned to a base in Korea, and Daisy returned to the Philippines to stay with her family. In 1990, they were delighted when he was offered a four-year assignment back in the Philippines, which gave Daisy an opportunity to stay close to home.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for the couple. In 1991, a massive volcanic eruption at Mount Pinatubo, located near the base, forced all but essential personnel to evacuate. Daisy and her husband joined thousands of other evacuees on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier for transport to Subic Naval Base in Olongapo City, before heading back to the United States. Daisy was two months pregnant at the time.
“It was scary because the volcano was right close to the base,” she remembered. “…They gave us warning, told us to pack up two to three days worth of clothing and get out.”
The couple eventually settled in Charleston, where her husband began work at Charleston Air Force Base. This new destination offered a way for them to stay relatively close to her husband’s family in Georgia. The distance from the Philippines has made it difficult for her family to visit, or for her to go there, but they do get together as frequently as they can.
After her daughter was born, Daisy decided to take a little time off to focus on parenting. Soon, she got the urge to rejoin the workforce. After a stint in retail, she decided to put her organizational skills and attention to detail to good use for a job in banking. She was hired by NBSC as a teller.
“I’m always organized,” she said. “Clutter really gets on my nerves! Even when I was at the desk as a personal banker, my manager was always saying ‘I don’t know when she is busy…her desk is so neat.’ If there is too much on my desk, I can’t think straight!”
She’s also pretty good when it comes to money, both at home and at work.
“I am very disciplined. Even my personal ledger has to balance to the penny!”
But many of her customers might be surprised to know she actually doesn’t like math all that much.
“I hate math!” Daisy said, laughing. “But in my job, I need to know it. Banking requires a lot of simple math…We are trained to use calculators. But when I was going to school, it wasn’t my favorite subject. You have to pass and you have to learn it!”
Those who know her would say she has passed, and then some. Today, she wouldn’t trade her job for anything. The hours and benefits are a real plus, she said, and the company observes all federal holidays and is not open on weekends. What does she enjoy most?
“The ability to meet a variety of people from different walks of life in this community,” said Daisy, who also works part-time as a receptionist at the Daniel Island Club. “Some of them have become my friends…. I think Daniel Island is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. There are very friendly people here. You can go anywhere and see people you know…It’s been a wonderful eight years working here.”
And for Daisy, that all adds up perfectly, particularly now that she’s on the other side of the bank window
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