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Business Last Updated: Jun 26, 2013 - 10:12:30 AM

Home Telecom launches corporate rebranding for business solutions
Jun 26, 2013 - 10:11:29 AM

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HOME Telecom has rebranded their business services division and will begin operating immediately under the new trade name, Connected Business Solutions.
Connected Business Solutions will focus on providing premiere telecommunications solutions for small, medium and enterprise size companies.  With the adoption of its new brand, tag line, and logo, Home Telecom has simultaneously launched their redesigned business website  With the new tag line, "Connected Business Is Better Business,” Connected Business Solutions will continue its expansion in the business community. This brand is the positive outcome of Home Telecom’s ever broadening fiber network in South Carolina. Home Telecom’s unprecedented footprint growth allows more businesses to access its fiber network and has brought increased recognition as one of the leaders in the industry. The rebranding will continue to build and foster Home Telecom's unparalleled dedication to offering reliable, scalable, flexible, and innovative technology solutions for organizations.  
By utilizing its extensive multi-platform and growing number of partnerships, Connected Business Solutions will be expanding their innovative business solutions to their five core telecommunications services – Internet, Cable TV, Telephone, Security, and Wireless.   
"Home Telecom’s rebranding to Connected Business Solutions represents our evolution and direction,” says President and COO Will Helmly. “Large and small companies have already gravitated toward us because of our understanding of their business needs. It makes sense for us to adopt an identity that exemplifies this as part of our company name. This change is a logical step and gives us an umbrella under which we can continue to expand our products, services, and partnerships during our next phase of growth and development. We are so much more than a residential telecommunications provider and this represents an important step to better communicate our value proposition.”
Connected Business Solutions conveys brand attributes of both the company and its products: modern, efficient, precise, purposeful, and focused. It also contains a great level of detail on strategic services.
“We want our potential and current business clients to know our identity and understand why our products and services consistently outpace our competitors; it is what truly sets us apart from the rest," Helmly says. "Our new identity helps mirror the fact that we’re an innovative and forward-looking company with a commitment to ensure the success of every client we service.”
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