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Artist of the week- Steve Hazard
By Erin O
Jun 18, 2009 - 2:40:16 PM

Artist of the week- Steve Hazard

When Steve Hazard entered the military as a young man, he never realized how much it would pay off to have blueprint reading skills from trade school. After studying cabinet-making in high school, this technical skill was exactly what the Air Force was looking for at the time. They needed to train this young man to be an illustrator and graphic designer and eventually use him to formulate technical illustrations for the shuttle craft. In the Air Force, Steve only began to discover his deep passion for arts of all kinds.

Steve’s graphic design skills translated into a gift for working with ceramics, furniture making, offhand glassblowing and eventually fusing of glass and metals. His talents juried him into art shows all over the United States and led him to explore art courses in Maryland, California and Vancouver. He participated in festivals, contemporary museum shows and solo exhibitions mostly along the West Coast. Out of his studio, he found himself shipping his
work consistently along the Pacific shore. More often, however, his work was being demanded further east. The more he began to ship his goods east, the more he desired to move closer to this new emerging market and to broaden his horizons.

In California, Steve is well-known after owning a gallery and participating in American Craft Council Shows for years. He is connected with many friends in the entertainment and movie business who have become some of his best clients. His work has been commissioned not only for two presidents, but for various jazz singers, authors and educators. His client list includes names such as Aretha Franklin, Dr. Maya Angelou and Patti LaBelle. Steve has led an exciting career and cannot wait to venture into Charleston exhibitions and explore his new scene in the southeast. We are thrilled to have such a talented artist in our midst and honored to be showcasing him here on Daniel Island. His puzzle-like glass fushionist work is extremely original and quite collectible. I would definitely recommend taking the opportunity to check it out on an evening stroll through downtown Daniel Island.

Erin O is a Daniel Island resident who enjoys promoting and supporting area artists. A volunteer columnist, Erin can be reached at


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