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Home & Garden Last Updated: Jul 18, 2012 - 9:58:54 AM

Birding on Daniel Island: Meet the Wood Stork
By Megan Sneed
Jun 13, 2012 - 9:35:12 AM

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As we continue our birding journey around Daniel Island's rich habitat we sometimes have the rare pleasure of spotting an endangered species. I recently experienced this very pleasure when I unexpectedly stumbled upon the impressive Wood Stork fishing expertly in a pond next to Seven Farms Drive. It is a stunning bird with tall stature, white plumage, a distinctive dark, bald head and strong, curved bill ideal for hunting. It is easily distinguished from our graceful egrets by observing it's much larger size and less dainty neck and bill. Due to it's endangered species status the Wood Stork is not seen as frequently here on our "bird-friendly" island therefore adding quite a bit of excitement to a first time sighting! 

It is a true compliment to our community to host this rare and beautiful bird. It highlights the real pride our residents take in keeping our neighborhoods clean, the environment healthy, and our noise levels peaceful. If we keep up this earnest, island care we can hope the Wood Stork population will thrive, grow in numbers and continue to grace our town with its beauty.
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