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Island homeowners are rewarded by Garden Club for beautiful yards
By Katherine Smith
May 15, 2013 - 10:18:31 AM

Barfield Park: 2234 Daniel Island Drive, Maria and Stephen Suthan
Daniel Island Park: 370 Ralston Creek Street, Deirdre and Kevin McMurtry
Cochran Park: 606 S. Leavitt Street, Larry and Tedi Whetsell
Codner's Ferry Park: 216 Beresford Creek Street, Buzz and Cari Carns
Center Park: 1031 Barfield Street, Eliot and Crystal Pardee
Etiwan Park: 176 Brady Street, Andrew and Taylor Grosse
Smythe Park: 2437 Daniel Island Drive, Ben and Sara DeWolf
Pierce Park: 1820 Beekman Street, the Dalzell family

You may have noticed recently that the yards on Daniel Island are in full bloom. If you have noticed, you are not the only one. The Daniel Island Garden Club recently announced the winners of the “Yard of the Month” for the month of May. Look for the club’s yards of the month to be featured each month over the next several months.  
The Daniel Island Garden Club, which was founded in 1998, began the “Yard of the Month” contest back in 2004. Selections are made only during the warmer months starting with May and going through September, and then there is a special selection during December for the Holiday Decoration Contest. There are currently eight neighborhoods that make up Daniel Island (Daniel Island Park, Etiwan Park, Codner’s Ferry Park, Center Park, Barfield Park, Smythe Park, Cochran Park, and Pierce Park) and one yard is selected from each neighborhood. There are a total of sixteen judges, who are all members of the garden club. Two judges are assigned to each park.  
Judging happens during the last week of the prior month. For instance, the May winners were judged during the last week of April. This is important information to know if you are vying for the prize as you can really tidy things up just before that week. Once the winning yards have been chosen, the homeowners are contacted and asked permission to place the sign in their yard and have their home’s picture in the paper.
So, what does it take to win? Club member Stella Hyatt, offered these tips, “The Yard of the Month should have a variety of plantings and colors, no dead trees or shrubs or grossly overgrown plants. Grass should be mowed…neatness is important. ”
Hyatt also said that the judges look for homeowners who have gone above and beyond with their gardening, such as “attractive planters, yard ornaments or statuaries that enhance the beauty of the property.”  
As you can see from the photos of the May winning yards, much time and detail has been put into crafting these beautiful yards. It sure does make the island that much more special when residents spend time nurturing the appearance of their yards. And sometimes it takes a good contest to get residents to pull out their gardening tools!

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