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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: Apr 24, 2013 - 9:18:42 AM

Letter to the Editor - April 25, 2013
Apr 24, 2013 - 9:18:02 AM

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Pool Incident
After a recent trip to the Pierce Park Pool, I’m a little concerned that some behaviors are getting out of control at one of our favorite amenities. Several kids were reported using profanity aggressively towards other children AND ADULTS. Other kids were wrestling in the pool putting others in head locks in the water. Unfortunately the pool is getting very crowded and there are no attendants or lifeguards at the pool to monitor this situation. Hopefully the POA can change that, but in the meantime I ask that parents be a little more involved in what their children are doing at the pool. It’s a very difficult situation for a parent of a child to try and reprimand or control another child when their parents are not around. The incident this last weekend resulted in a child actually running their bike up onto the foot of a DI resident, blocking their entrance into the pool. A second child began approaching the parent aggressively with taunts and profanity. These children all appeared to be under the age of 13, which is also disturbing. Parents…please monitor your kids and don’t send them to the pool without a competent guardian. And if you do happen to see or experience any events like this in the future, please call the police’s non-emergency line at 577-7434. The pool should be a place of fun and enjoyment for all without having to worry about things like this.
Dave Williams
DINA President
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