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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: Aug 22, 2012 - 9:50:35 AM

Letter to the Editor - August 23, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 - 9:48:24 AM

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Debt and deficits are a national problem now
I applaud economist Steve Slifer’s article last week (Economy: Fixing What Ails Us). He presented a revealing picture of our country’s current and future, financial health. However one might assess our current situation, it is clear that dire days are not too far down the road.
One particularly sobering graph showed the ratio of our national debt (recently passed $16 trillion as you read this) to our total annual output of goods in services (GDP). We are now around the one-to-one (100%) level – putting us in a league with financially-troubled countries such as Italy and Ireland – and headed toward 160% (the level in Greece today) by at least 2030, possibly sooner. Plus, we are running large annual deficits (government spends more – a lot more – than it takes in).
This deadly duo – high debt AND continuing deficits is, I believe, a big – no, make that a HUGE – deal NOW! The picture isn’t pretty. Without some serious intervention, we are on a path to becoming Greece (financially) within your lifetime, certainly your children’s lifetime.
Sadly, too many politicians (including, but not limited to, the president) have put us here and seem to have no appetite or interest to tackle the tough choices needed to avert this ship-of-state-wreck. There are a few bright lights out there willing to talk straight and act strong. I pray their voices will prevail.
As citizens, we also have a voice – the most important one in our wonderful republic. Government exists through the consent of the governed. Periodically, ‘we the people’ speak up – at the ballot box.
As November nears, I urge you to:
1.    Ask yourself: how big a deal is our debt and deficit report card?
2.    If you believe (as I do) that it is a big deal, seek out the folks that you believe will most directly and swiftly address this threat.
3.    And, whether you agree with me or not, vote this November.
Doing nothing now is a far worse option. Look no further than Greece to see how that movie ends.
William Charles Stevens, Jr.
Daniel Island

Keep Elementary and Middle School together to preserve community school
I read Ryan Gilsenan’s letter to the Editor regarding keeping DI school a joint elementary and middle school. I have to say that he put my thoughts into words. I was thinking the EXACT same thing regarding riding our bikes to school/walking to school and how kids still seem to be kids here on Daniel Island, more so than other places. I’m not sure how taking this unique opportunity away from our kids and making DI just like every other neighborhood will benefit our kids. I thought Ryan’s suggestion to limit enrollment to Daniel Island residents only if the school is at capacity is a great solution. I hope the school district can address some of our concerns and I hope other parents feel the same as me.
Rentia Giove
Daniel Island

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