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Letter to the Editor - August 30, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 - 9:21:34 AM

As co-chair of the YES 4 Schools Campaign Committee and a DI School parent, I am writing to provide answers to questions that have been asked about the very important School Improvement Referendum on the ballot Nov. 6.
Our entire school district - including Daniel Island School - is experiencing overcrowding that becomes more severe with each year. Evidence based research confirms inadequate school facilities prevent students from fulfilling their potential.  In Berkeley County Schools, there are currently safety issues, overcrowded classrooms, and even kids eating lunch on the floor in lunchrooms filled over capacity.
Voting YES Nov. 6 will enable construction of 5 new schools in Berkeley Country, ultimately including 2 for students from Daniel Island. It will also enable 29 schools to receive critical renovations to relieve overcrowding.
For our attendance area, a new high school is the top priority given the overcrowded halls at Hanahan High School and its location over the Don Holt Bridge.
Thankfully, Daniel Island School was built to accommodate for the growth we continue to enjoy in our area. While it was always intended to be an elementary school ultimately feeding a middle school and high school serving our region, its size and design has allowed for middle school students to be well served in the near term.
At this time, it is premature for us to debate new school grade configurations or potential attendance line changes until we have revenue to begin these discussions. We will have opportunities to provide input to the district administration and the Board of Education as building priorities are being established.     
I urge you join me in being proactive now instead of playing catch up later with the ever increasing population in our region - vote YES for the School Improvement Referendum on Nov. 6.
A comprehensive website will be launched soon by the YES 4 Schools Campaign Committee. The district has published the list of schools to be impacted as well as all the facts on the referendum available here:
Please send questions to
Chad Vail
Pierce Street

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