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Letter to the Editor - January 10, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 - 9:15:48 AM

In Memorium:
Lucille Fackelman

On New year's Eve 2012 my mother-in-law, Lucille Fackelman, passed away at 88.  She had resided the last five years at Summit Place. While much of the last three years was veiled in Alzheimer's, her time was spent with a smile on her face. We are eternally grateful to Shiela Hutto and the great staff for all their time, attention and love.
She and my father-in-law were from what most call the greatest generation. Martin Fackelman started in the plant at Alcoa and worked all of his life and reached plant manager. Both management and labor were his collegues and friends. The company provided a lifetime pension when he retired. Lucille Fackelman made the difficult decision in the early years to quit her job when they had children, and raised my wife, Marcia and brother-in-law Marty.
They still had a rotary dial phone in their house when he passed away in 2000. They were born and raised in Cleveland and suffered through all the local sports teams. They worked, went to church and raised their kids.  When Marcia and I got married, Lucille would always tell people I was her son too, not son-in-law.
Life was certainly a lot simpler then. But all things change. That generation lived by the rules of paying your bills, not living beyond your means and caring for others. Lucille volunteered once a week at the local hospital until she was 80.
I hope I have lived my life half as well as that generation. And we hope we have passed those qualities to our three boys and now our three grandchildren.
With all of the politics on the TV stage constantly, gun violence and at times a loss of a moral compass; I am not sure I can pass on to the next generation what my mom, father-in-law and now my mother-in-law have passed onto us.
I do know that they are all looking down from heaven, knowing they did their best, and hoping we can do better. They will all be missed.
Greg Turner
Daniel Island

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