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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: Jan 16, 2013 - 9:16:49 AM

Letter to the Editor - January 17, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 - 9:16:05 AM

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Dog park maintenance?
When we moved to Daniel Island two years ago, we were impressed by the groomed neighborhoods and parks. The walking paths were beautiful and plentiful and we enjoyed the priority that was placed on keeping the grounds maintained. When the dog park opened, we decided it was the right time to add a puppy to our lives. We love our little goldendoodle, Sully, and Sully loves the dog park. We take him to the dog park about 3-5 times a week, but lately, I'm over it.
Clearly the attention to Daniel Island's parks stops the moment you enter the dog park. There is a chronic mud puddle created by the leaking water fountain that is used to keep the dogs hydrated. Of course, as every dog becomes exhausted and over-heated from all the playing, the first place they resort to is the big mud puddle. Some dogs drink the stagnant water (an obvious health concern) while other dogs dig, making commotion as owners of all the nearby dogs run over to try and keep their dog from being covered in the filth flying through the air. Our Sully prefers to splash in it, making it larger. Is it so hard to come up with some drainage solution...or get rid of this water fountain?
Every single dog owner constantly complains about this eye sore along with questioning why they didn't just make the whole dog park grass (as after a rainy day, the entire area becomes a mud pit). Quite frankly, at this point, I'd rather take my dog to day care for $18 a full day of playing, than have to wash him for $12 across the street when we have a muddy hour of play at the dog park (as I prefer that to the mud he literally shakes off once in the back of our car.)
From my understanding, Charleston City Parks, Berkeley County nor Daniel Island are responding to the complaints sent by dog owners about the lack of maintenance to this park. I am hoping this letter catches the attention of someone who can inform the right person of this irritating situation.
It is great to have a meeting place for dogs to run off the energy they've built up during the day, especially for our 7 month old puppy. However, it is exhausting when that hour or so is spent trying to keep our dogs away from the enormous leak and then, once we fail, coming up with a way to clean them. If there is no immediate and feasible solution, is it too much to ask to turn off this fountain until the leak is fixed. We could easily bring our own water bottles to quench our dogs’ thirst if given notice, or a hose could be placed by an exit with a bowl. Something, anything that keeps us from the necessary encore: a $12, 30 minute bath.
Meagan Hudak
Daniel Island
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