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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: Nov 13, 2013 - 10:03:56 AM

Letter to the Editor - November 14, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 - 10:02:37 AM

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From the DINA President:
Annexation Petition is filed

Last week I informed the POA that the DINA board felt it was time to go ahead and file the annexation petition. After verifying all the signatures on the petition, over 14% of the registered voters on Daniel Island signed the petition. This means that 14% of the people (roughly 700 residents) here wish to have this discussion taken a step further so that proposals and reports can be made, verified, and discussed by both our residents, and county leaders. It does not mean we are annexing, and it does not mean that all 14% are in favor of moving to Charleston County. It just means we felt it was time to let those voices be heard. It also means that 1% of you have no clue where you are registered to vote!
All kidding aside, I hope this can be the beginning of a series of discussions where both parties can be present or represented, and the interests of the residents of Daniel Island can be heard and attended to. Whether it is a matter of just being a “better fit” or an issue involving taxes or insurance, if our residents are given the opportunity to openly discuss these questions, review the answers as provided by the committees from both sides, and vote their conscience, all of Daniel Island will come out ahead. An issue that has hung over the island for a good number of years will have been officially voiced and settled. I will be just as excited for Berkeley County to be our home, as I would for Charleston County, if it is the voice of the people that determine it.
So please, don’t be shy or afraid of the process. Nothing is going to change overnight. Charleston County knows they have a lot to prove if they want to earn a 67% majority in a public election. And given the fact that Superintendent Rodney Thompson has given a statement that “for now” k-8 will remain on Daniel Island, a lot of voters may be quite content.  
So for now, I’ll be content with paraphrasing Elliott Summey’s comments from September…This is a real scenario now. Enough folks have signed the petition. It’s time to start getting some answers.
Dave Williams, President
Daniel Island Neighborhood Association

Signs, Signs,
Everywhere are Signs

We recently returned from a visit to see relatives. It seems like every time we go away, we notice more signs have been placed on Daniel Island during our absence. The recent additions are the warning signs for alligators. The bright yellow placards are hard to miss. They have been attached to palm trees, park benches, utility covers, fence posts, garbage cans, and other random spots throughout Daniel Island. We appreciate the concern over potential lawsuits, but this seems like overkill.
We’ve counted 28 signs on Brady Street alone, which is a neighborhood close to our home. Our street, Cochran, has 19 signs. It seems like the newer neighborhoods are less cluttered with them, but time will tell.
We bought on Daniel Island because we love the charm of the neighborhoods and the sense of community.  The longer we live here, however, the more we notice the sharp contrast in the appearance and upkeep of the park/golf course side and the more congested and cluttered retail and residential side.  
Please pay attention to our concerns. A beautiful community sets us apart from so many other places. Let’s try to keep it that way.
Ralph and Lynette Carpenter
Cochran Park homeowners
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