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Letter to the Editor - October 31, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 - 9:08:50 AM

Vote November 5th for City-wide office of Commissioner
of Public Works

On November 5th the City of Charleston is conducting a city-wide election for a seat on the Board of the Commissioners of Public Works (Charleston Water System). The contested seat is the only city-wide election to be held next Tuesday.
The Commissioners of Public Works is responsible for providing water and wastewater services throughout the city, including Daniel Island and Cainhoy. The Commission has provided services to residents of Daniel Island and Cainhoy since the area was annexed into the City of Charleston and is committed to providing a progressive and world-class water and wastewater system that exceeds all state and federal regulations.
While I am the incumbent Commissioner seeking re-election, I have had a very comprehensive 28 years of experience at the Commission. I have served as the General Manager, and since 2006, as one of three (3) elected Commissioners. I am uniquely qualified to serve in this position.
All registered voters on Daniel Island and Cainhoy are encouraged to take the opportunity to go to the polls next Tuesday, November 5th, to vote.
William E. (Billy) Koopman
Candidate for Commissioner of
Public Works

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