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Letter to the Editor - September 12, 2013
Sep 11, 2013 - 8:47:15 AM

Join Charleston County because some parents have personal agendas and issues with the Berkeley school board?
If you think Charleston County is the answer start reading the editorials in the Moultrie News (delivered free to your front step every Wednesday) about how the CCSD treats Mt. Pleasant when it comes to the whole gamut of decision making about East Cooper schools.
Got a beef with Berkeley County schools? Run for the board or support a clean sweep of incumbents in the upcoming elections. Do not try to subject the rest of us to life under Charleston County governance.
Been there. Done that. Don't want it. Be careful what you wish for.
K. L. Schaub
Daniel Island

Sounding off on pet messes and helmets
We are writing to 'sound off' about two issues that are a concern to us as homeowners and parents living here on DI. The first is about the disregard that some dog owners continue to display for other's property. Not a day goes by that we are not cleaning up some other pet's mess from our yard. Some people actually "walk" their dogs off leash while they ride along either on their bike or in their golf cart! Along with those who walk their dogs on leash but apparently do not care, a number of these pet owners conveniently turn their head the other way while their dog(s) take care of business. We find this not only disrespectful of other's property but more importantly, a sign of the times that guidelines and rules apparently are meant for others.
Secondly, and more importantly, is what we see as a  disturbing message being sent by parents who allow their underage children to ride bikes and skateboards without helmets or operate the family golf cart with other kids aboard at all hours of the day and evening. We as parents have an obligation to our kids to teach them right from wrong, keep them safe as possible and give them a foundation for a long, healthy and safe life. How will they learn from their parents that ride bikes along with them without helmets or give them keys to a motorized vehicle without first setting a proper example?  It will only take one very unfortunate and serious incident to get everyone's attention. We only hope that it does not happen.
Iris and Bobby Kornhauser
Daniel Island

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