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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: Sep 18, 2013 - 9:35:58 AM

Letter to the Editor - September 19, 2013
Sep 18, 2013 - 9:34:59 AM

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Annexation motives explained
I am in support of gathering data, getting proposals, and letting my fellow residents choose their destiny. I do not wish to make that choice for them. That choice I feel should only be made after public discussions, NOT behind closed doors, and certainly not without getting answers to our most important questions. I’m sure some of MY questions are different than some of YOURS, but they are all still questions. My opinions might be different than yours, but that’s all they are, just opinions. I have a job just like you, kids in school, after school activities, weekend sports games, football with the neighbors.
Why is it that just because I raised my hand to ask a question that I have a personal agenda and some ulterior motive? And now I hate my neighbors and am an elitist?  Have you seen my 2006 minivan? I’m obviously misinformed. Hardly elitist!  
What is it we are all so afraid of if we sign the petition? A vote? A public discussion of the options followed by community responses and opinions? Do we not think that after gathering all the information that we would not create a more united front and a better community for those that follow?  
I don’t know if annexation is the ultimate answer or not, and I am publicly stating for all to see that my vote could go either way depending on the results. So join me! I’m not afraid of being wrong. Rather I’m more afraid of being right and not giving people the chance to see it.
Dave Williams
DINA President

Yard Sale for Special Olympics
On the morning of Saturday Sept. 28 we will be taking part in the bi-annual Daniel Island Red Balloon Sale. Our home 7061 Schooner Street is serving as a drop off location for items you wish to part with and donate between now and Friday the 27th. We will not be accepting items on Sept. 28.  
100% of the proceeds from our sale will be going to SPECIAL OLYMPICS SC to assist local athletes in their competitions and training.  
In addition to the garage sale we will also be selling baked goods, coffee and cold bottled water. The Kona Ice truck will also be on site selling delicious shave ice treats and ice cream with 50% of sales going to Special Olympics!
If you know that you will be out of town on this day and are willing to donate your driveway for our volunteers to park in, PLEASE let me know. We want to keep the street clear for shoppers!
We are NOT accepting any clothing except baby/toddler clothing. If you wish to donate an item or a baked good it can be dropped off on our front porch OR you can call and give me a heads up and we'll have our garage ready to take your delivery.  
Amy & Yves Gege
Special Olympics Volunteers
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