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Letters to the Editor - April 18, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 - 9:37:43 AM

Disagree with research study connecting wealth to greed
That a group of UC Berkeley professors would conduct some "research" and conclude that the wealthy are more likely to be greedy and unprincipled is hardly shocking, but that someone would repeat such nonsense in our newspaper is both absurd and disturbing. Wealthier people are greedy and unprincipled because the researchers observed that those in more expensive cars cut off those in less expensive cars? Really? If the BMW cut off the Ford, did the Ford cut off the Yugo at the next intersection? And how did the Ford driver become unethical as he traveled that block? And are we to just assume that the BMW driver was in fact wealthy? Maybe it wasn't even his car!! In another experiment subjects were told candy in a jar was for children in another lab, but that they could help themselves. Those who took candy were then graded on their greediness by the amount they took. Seriously, people are greedy and unprincipled for taking 6 Skittles instead of 3? I certainly hope Mr. Ferber doesn't live on Daniel Island. Surely a demographic study would show that DI tends to be more rather than less wealthy, making it a den of greed and unethical behavior!!
The country I was raised in, and in which I raised my children, encouraged success. It told each person to strive to be the best he could be, to be ambitious, to aim for the stars...and not to expect something for nothing. It admired achievers and it rewarded hard work.  It did not look at success only to find reasons to denigrate it. If you want to know who the greedy and unprincipled are, it is those whose life is a litany of poor decisions but who feel entitled to the fruits of others' labor.
Pat Gander
Daniel Island

Process for Replacing Street Trees on Daniel Island
In the process of pruning trees here on Daniel Island several homeowners have asked how to go about replacing trees that appear dead or dying and who bears the cost of removal and replacement.  
When homeowners notice that a street tree in front of their property is dead or dying they have two options:
1. Arrange for the removal and replacement of the tree at their own cost with a specimen approved by the Daniel Island Architectural Review Board and the Urban Forestry Division of the City of Charleston.  The Superintendent of Urban Forestry, Danny Burbage, can be reached at (843) 724-7416 or via e-mail @  The contact at the Daniel Island Architectural Review Board is Dorothy Thaxton who can be reached at (843) 881-6122 or via e-mail at
2. Contact the City of Charleston's Urban Forestry Division about their Street Tree Program. The City's Street Tree program assists homeowners with the cost of replacement trees. The owner pays for the tree while the City pays for the labor of removing the dead tree and installing the new one. The City plants street trees between October and March. They will plant any species of tree that is horticulturally and aesthetically correct and that is readily obtainable from one of the many nurseries with which they trade. They try to match the species already planted on the street unless that species is not performing well.  For cost planning purposes, a 2” caliper tree costs approximately $140.
In addition, the Property Owners Association may notice that a street tree has died and notify the homeowner of his/her responsibility to replace it.
Bob Sauer
Daniel Island Pruning Team

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