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Letters to the Editor - August 15, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 - 9:54:47 AM

Term Limits needed
It is obvious to even a casual observer that lobbyists dictate and control legislation at the State and Federal level. On his morning show on CNN Fareed Zakaria recently discussed his Washington Post article and the book, “This Town” by Mark Leibovich. The part that grabbed my attention was the part about -- “retiring Congressman seeking post-government source of income. He cites an Atlantic magazine report that says that in 1974, only 3 percent of retiring members of Congress became lobbyists; today, that number is 42 percent for members of the House and 50 percent for senators.”
“The result is bad legislation. Look at any bill today: They are gargantuan documents filled with thousands of giveaways. The act that created the Federal Reserve in 1913 was only 31 pages. The 1933 Glass-Steagall legislation that regulated banking was 37 pages. The current version of that law, the 2010 Dodd-Frank bill, is 849 pages, with thousands of pages of additional rules. The Affordable Care Act runs more than 2,000 pages.”
The answer is Term Limits, but how do we get there when the foxes watch over and control the hen house. Read more at this link.
E. Mac McBride
Daniel Island

A word from the Cat
I was truly honored and humbled to be chosen as the second place winner in the pet photo-contest, (The Daniel Island News of August 1st).  My parents are proud to have a STAR sitting on their desk and every meow of mine is now carefully attended.  However, I would like readers to know that since that photograph was taken, I’ve been on a serious physical regimen.  I was showing a bit more of myself than I would have chosen in that picture but I have been following Dr. Flood’s diet, (even though that special wet food is not something I particularly enjoy but given the alternative – e.g. starvation – I got used to it).  As a result, I’m a bit more trim and slim.  I’m getting accolades from other feline friends, and star-treatment from secret admirers. My Twitter account is filling up with cat-gratulations and today I even received fresh catnip, flowers and toys.  Thank you one-and-all!  
Bobbee Law

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