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Letters to Editor
Letters to the Editor - December 20, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 - 9:52:09 AM

A new statue on Seven Farms
Drive and a thank you to

Dr. Bannister and staff

A few years ago we installed, outside Daniel Island Animal Hospital on Seven Farms Drive, a bronze statue of a child “listening” to his dog through a stethoscope while sitting on a bench.  I’ve heard children talk to the dog, run up and pet the dog, climb on the bench next to him. I’ve watched parents and grandparents take photographs of their children with the statue and teens take photos of each other with it. I am happy to see it bring such joy to our community.
Since placing that statue, I’ve felt the need to have girls and cats represented outside DIAH. I also have a need to thank Dr. Michael Bannister, Family Dentistry and his staff for supporting us through our expansion project these last several months. Both of those needs were met in the recent addition installed outside Dr. Bannister’s office: a bronze statue of a girl drawing in her sketch book while sitting on a bench (perhaps waiting for the dentist) with a beautiful cat sitting on the bench next to her. Dr. Bannister’s daughter aspires to study veterinary medicine, makes stained glass and owns a cat. I think of Kayla when I see the statue.  
For Dr. Bannister, Sue Ann, Jennifer, Donna, Jennifer, Terry and Amber: thank you for sharing your rest room and break room, for allowing us to access our food storage via your hallway; thank you for putting up with drywall dust foot prints on your carpet and for listening to your patients say, day in and day out “I couldn’t find you – everything looks different!”  We know you have many precious, elderly patients because Dr. Bannister manages the potential pain and anxiety of dental care with excellent technique and wonderful story telling – and he has the patient, friendly staff to care appropriately for an aging patient population, as well as for the younger ones. We recognize that change is more intimidating for older patients, and we apologize for the inconvenience our expansion has caused your office. Thank you for your gracious acceptance of the process.
Lynne M. Flood, DVM and staff
Daniel Island Animal Hospital

Daniel Island Neighborhood Association to elect new officers
Your Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) will soon conclude an especially proactive and  productive 12 months, fulfilling its stated mission of existing “to be a civic voice for Daniel Island and all its residents within the City of Charleston and Berkeley County governments, and in surrounding communities.” DINA meets six times a year – usually every other month at Holy Cross Church.
Our first meeting of the new year will be Tuesday, January 8 at 7 pm, and will include election of 2013’s four officers and a complimentary buffet to welcome 2013 celebrating a new year of service to our community. Our President for the past 24 months, Mac McBride, will be retiring, and we are eagerly encouraging and seeking a potential successor to Mac. In addition, DINA’s other three officer positions, i.e.: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, also need to be filled and we are seeking applicants for their responsibilities as well.
January 8 will also serve as an organizational meeting when new and returning DINA members will be invited to join one of our six standing committees: Membership; Planning & Zoning; Safety; Community Building; Web Services/Communications; Concerts/Special Events.
If you are interested in learning more about one or more of the four DINA officer positions and/or serving as one, please communicate directly with me at or 843.278.2900 no later than next Friday, December 28th. My Nominating Committee colleague, Barbara Walsh, and I will then schedule a brief chat at your convenience prior to the January 8 DINA Meeting.
Cordially, Bob Graham, Daniel Island

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