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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: Feb 27, 2013 - 10:04:15 AM

Letters to the Editor - February 28, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 - 10:03:07 AM

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Sensei Raus offers
a clarification

I feel it is important to clarify a comment I made in last week's letter to the editor regarding the Daniel Island Business District. I don't feel as if I expressed my thoughts regarding large island events as well as I could. The Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament, The Zach Brown concert and all the other concerts and events hosted by the Daniel Island stadium facilities are wonderful and dynamic events that bring tremendous enjoyment to many. They are also great sources of pride and provide Daniel Island with a level of exposure both regionally, nationally and internationally that can only benefit the island. The point I was trying to make is that the Daniel Island Business District would benefit if we had more events that promoted foot traffic and showcased the entirety of the businesses on the island. I apologize if my previous remarks were perceived as negative as that was not my intent.
Sincerely, Sensei Glenn Raus

Business thought
A business owner who thinks that his/her customers owe him/her something will not be a business owner for very long. Fortunately, the owners of successful Daniel Island restaurants such as Orlando's, Vespa and Sermet's Courtyard do not operate with this mindset.  
Joel Good, Daniel Island

School Security funding
I attended the Charleston City Council meeting held on 12 February. The main topic was the Emergency Public Safety tax hike that required $3.48 million dollars starting this year. Included were 19 new police officers for elementary school security and two new fire stations in Cainhoy and West Ashley. Each was identified in detailed briefings as critical funding requirements by Police Chief Mullen and Fire Chief Brack. No councilmember questioned the need or spoke against these city-identified requirements. Many people in attendance spoke emotionally about the need to protect our children in their schools but I don’t recall anyone mentioning the need for more fire stations.  All council members supported increasing school security; the only question was how to fund it.
Mayor Riley was very emotional and spoke about the assassination of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and the recent violence in schools. After the vote 8 – 5 in favor of the bill, he questioned the logic used by some council members to delay the project and seek other means of funding. Unfortunately, Mayor Riley let his emotions cloud his fiscal responsibility as mayor - emotion ruled not logic.
Councilman White gave an excellent presentation that acknowledged the need for increased school safety but also outlined other funding means rather than taxation. Other councilmembers questioned why the sudden need for increased fire protection - they asked was the city remiss in not identifying this year’s ago. It was mentioned that two months ago, Mayor Riley when he presented the 2013 City Budget stated it met all urgent city needs.  No mention of additional fire stations was made during his presentation.
I am reminded of a statement made by the former presidential Chief of Staff; “never let a good crisis go unused”.  Has Mayor Riley decided this is the proper way to run the city?
Yes, more school security is important but we must also acknowledge fiscal responsibility.
Al Hansen, Daniel Island

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