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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: Jan 23, 2013 - 8:56:53 AM

Letters to the Editor - January 24, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 - 8:55:49 AM

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Plus one boating and plus one walking encouraged
We did something in Murrells Inlet, SC called  plus one boating. It is a program that encouraged boaters to bring back one piece of extra trash from their trip. It was successful. Wouldn’t it be an even better Daniel Island if we could do the same thing here? How about plus one walking too?
Jody Martindale, Daniel Island

DINA needs to be relevant to have membership
In a recent article in The Daniel Island News regarding DINA, its new president, Mr. Williams, laments that the membership in DINA is far below where it it should be. As a former DINA member who has let his membership lapse, the reason for the problem seems simple – DINA is no longer relevant and is not addressing the concerns of many DI resident owners. A recent example of this was when former DINA president Mr. McBride was asked what DINA’s position on the new high density apartment development next to Simmons Park was and he replied that DINA had no position on it.  How can that be?
This is an issue which is going to affect the quality of life of many DI residents and DINA has no position?  That doesn’t make sense. I am sure the vast majority of owners living on DI don’t want a high density apartment complex built in the center of town.  
Why didn’t DINA voice any opposition to it or are they in favor of it? If DINA wants to be relevant then take a stand one way or another! The existence of two huge apartment complexes and the coming of a third are contributing and will continue to contribute to another factor in the decline of interest in DINA – too many renters on DI who have no financial or community interest in what goes on here.
Mr. Williams voiced his concern about traffic and pedestrian safety, yet he makes no mention of the real problem. The DI Company is creating a congested, mini-Mt. Pleasant which will result in thousands of cars being added to our already overcrowded streets.  How does Mr. Williams think all this over development is going to manifest itself?  Less traffic?  
If Mr. Williams is truly concerned about traffic he should talk about what is really causing it. I suggest he ask Mr. Sloan of the DI Company to a DINA meeting and have him explain what the DI Company’s plan, if they have one, is to deal with this traffic nightmare they are in the process of creating. Now that would be relevant and, I am sure, guarantee a very well attended meeting.
If DINA wants more membership then it needs to address issues which the owners who live on DI care about and challenge the DI Company on what, in my opinion, is the main issue degrading the quality of life on DI -  overdevelopment and the traffic resulting from it.
Now to be fair, Mr. Williams has just taken over and deserves a chance to show that DINA is relevant.  Accomplish that and increased attendance and membership will follow.
Charles Kern, Daniel Island

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