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Letters to the Editor - July 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 - 3:01:44 PM

Guardian Angels on Daniel
I was driving my 1999 BMW Z3 roadster to meet with a friend. As I made a right turn onto Island Park Drive, my gas pedal went straight to the floor. Oh no! I managed to slow down and coast into the spot behind the old Hammets Landing no parking zone. It was probably 105 degrees outside at 11:35 on Friday July 5th.  I got out of the car and tried to open the hood.  Immediately, I had three handsome young men asking if I need help. I LOVE DANIEL ISLAND!!!
It turns out that the men worked for Pleasant Places Landscaping. They not only checked under the hood, they also noticed that I had a tumor shape on my front tire. It would have been a tire blow out for sure at a high speed.
I am not extremely religious, but I can only think that these were three angels and a Higher Power looking out for me. Either one of the problems would have caused potential disaster had I gotten on I-526. I want to thank my three angels and Higher Powers for their help.   
The tall handsome angel said he was an experienced mechanic and was able to fix my gas pedal, and I was able to return my car to my house safely.
It was a definite “pay it forward” for these young men. Fortunately, I live on the Island and do not need a car until Monday when my mechanic opens.
One final note on driving on Daniel Island: It would be great if the people who live on the Island would obey speed limits and honor the state law regarding crosswalks – they must stop. Thank you!   
Suzan E. Carroll-Ramsey
Daniel Island

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