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Features : Letters to Editor Last Updated: May 22, 2013 - 2:13:46 PM

Letters to the Editor - May 23, 2013
May 22, 2013 - 2:12:45 PM

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Homeschooling article
I am writing in response to the article on homeschooling that appeared in the May 1st edition.
As an island resident and mother, I am very proud of our community and even prouder of the Daniel Island School.  I am also a teacher at South Carolina Connections Academy, a K-12 virtual public school serving students statewide, and am extremely passionate about our commitment to bring options to public education and provide an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.
When I tell people that I teach high school online, many are puzzled and unaware of what virtual schooling is—it is not homeschooling in the traditional sense, but rather public schooling from home. Virtual schooling is a viable option and South Carolina families are fortunate to have the ability to choose the school that works best for them.  
Parents are grateful for the flexibility that our school offers, as their children can work at their own pace.  Others are grateful the scheduling allows their students to participate in athletics, the arts, or acting.  Some families are grateful our school provides a safe place for students who suffer from a serious illness or may have been previously bullied.
Many people question the level of socialization virtual schooling can offer. Our school offers park days, multiple field trips each week, a field day, a talent show, and an in-person graduation ceremony. This  year we offered more than 80 field trips statewide.
South Carolina Connections Academy has been a life saver for many of our families. I am so grateful for its existence and to be able to provide a comprehensive public education to students at home across the state.
Alicia Hughes
Daniel Island

Mike Veeck thanks Daniel Island for speaker series
The third installment of the Daniel Island Speaker series was a huge success as Mike Veeck, the President and part owner of the River Dogs, wowed the crowd.  The standing ovation at the end was well deserved.
At presentations of this sort the audience always critiques the speaker -- as they should. But how often do we recognize that we, the audience, are also being critiqued by the speaker?
I was sitting at my desk on Thursday morning thinking that I should call Mike and thank him for coming when my phone rings.  
“Hello, Steve. This is Mike Veeck.”  
No power assist from his secretary. No “Hold the line for Mr. Veeck.” Just Mike picking up the phone and dialing. After I fumbled through my thank you for his willingness to come the previous evening, he says,
"That is exactly what wanted to tell you. I thought that the program last night was excellent. The audience was terrific. I felt so warmly welcomed and appreciated and I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening."
While I have done a fair amount of public speaking over the years I have never called up someone the following day and thanked them for having me.
Mike asked me to extend his thanks to all involved. So, first and foremost, to all 140 of you that were there on a recent Wednesday evening -  a- a heartfelt thank you from Mike for making him feel so warmly welcomed and making it a thoroughly enjoyable evening for him. It speaks volumes about the kind of people that live on this island. You’re the best!
And an equally hearty thank you to the sponsors of the event – the Rotary Club of Daniel Island, the Daniel Island Community Association, and the Daniel Island Club for their effort in making our speaker feel at home. Well done!
I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until Daniel Island Night at the stadium on August 10 so I can show my appreciation to Mike Veeck and the River Dogs for what they are doing for our community.
Steve Slifer
Daniel Island
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