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Deal of the Month

Posted in: Sales & Marketing News

We want our advertisers' businesses to succeed. We want their ads in our paper to bring them customers. So we are taking additional steps to make that happen.


In 2011 we are introducing new products and services, some of them free, that we believe will help promote their business and bring them more customers. Beginning in our first edition of January, at no additional cost to our customers, we are publishing a new section - a Directory of Advertisers of the Week - that will make it easy for our readers to locate our advertisers by their service or business category and to contact them by phone.  We will also promote the new Directory through print ads and on our Facebook page. This is a FREE service we are providing because we know that our success depends on advertisers' successes. And we know that our readers look to us for information about our advertisers. We look forward to working with our advertisers to make 2011 a great year for their business!


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