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DIS students put science to the test!
By Elizabeth Bush
Mar 19, 2014 - 10:05:01 AM

Science Fair winners! In the back row, left to right, are Cherokee Osler, Hannah Smith, Katie Brooks, John Conley, Cameron Bush, and Edwin Gately. In the front row are Camille Garner, Marlee Cunningham, Megan Gray, Ellie Jansen, Kaitlyn Jackson, Lily Peterson, and Emma Gore. Not pictured: Kori Swanson.

Which liquids rust the most metals? What’s keeping your burger fresh? What ratio of sugar to corn syrup produces the best-tasting and best-textured marshmallow? Daniel Island School students in grades 6-8 answered these questions and many more as part of this year’s Science Fair competition. They presented the results of their work during an exhibit for parents last week. First place winners in each grade level have been invited to attend the Lowcountry Science Fair at the College of Charleston on April 1.

And the winners are:
Overall Winner — John Conley, 7th grade
8th Grade winners
1st place, 8th grade — Cameron Bush
2nd place, 8th grade — Cherokee Osler and Hannah Smith
3rd place, 8th grade — Kori Swanson
7th Grade Winners
1st place, 7th grade — John Conley
2nd place, 7th grade — Edwin Gately
3rd place, 7th grade — Emma Gore and Katie Brooks
6th Grade Winners
1st Place, 6th grade — Megan Gray and Ellie Jansen
2nd place, 6th grade — Camille Garner and Marlee Cunningham
3rd place, 6th grade — Kaitlyn Jackson and Lily Peterson

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