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Bishops blast N. Charleston
By Bart Manley
Sep 26, 2012 - 9:46:00 AM

The Battling Bishops hit the road last Friday to take on the Cougars of North Charleston, a Region 6-AA opponent. With the team came many of the Bishops faithful and the squad showed they are as formidable on the road as at home as they defeated North Charleston, 48-14.
“Our guys are focusing, but they [North Charleston] still played us well,” Coach Cantey said following the victory.
The Bishops struck early, scoring on their first possession, only forty-five seconds into the first quarter, on a short run by Griffie Loy.
The Cougars didn’t have possession long before a fumble was recovered by BE, putting them in a prime position for the follow-up score. Quarterback Kevin Herbst took quick advantage and tossed a 40-yard pass to Nick Shiver for the second touchdown of the game. DeAngelo Stephenson followed by scoring twice; once on a 21-yard run and another on a 19-yard pass from Herbst, all of this happening in the first quarter of play.
Stephenson opened the second quarter with another short scoring run and opened a five touchdown lead. But North Charleston did not roll over and let the game get away from them as they surprised the Bishops with a 90-yard pass that put six on the board, followed by a successful two-point conversion. With some renewed momentum, the Cougars then capitalized on two penalties against BE as quarterback DeAndre Gilmore completed a short pass for the follow-up touchdown, closing the gap.
DeAngelo Stephenson answered the Cougars second score of the second quarter with a 63-yard kickoff return that would stop North Charleston’s momentum.
With the huge halftime lead, the Bishops used the second half to alternated players in and got a look at some possible future starters.
Griffey Loy, who put the first score on the board, also scored the last as he only took the ball in for a short run to put the Bishops ahead by 34 points.
Coach Cantey was pleased with the outcome and has been especially pleased with the play of quarterback Kevin Herbst, who was 100% passing and threw for 59 yards for two touchdowns.
The Bishops improved to 4-1 halfway through the regular season and will hit the road once again as they travel to Beaufort to face the Battery Creek Dolphins next week before returning to Jack Cantey Stadium for Homecoming on October 5.
    Box Score
             1      2     3    4    OT    Final
    BE    28    13    7    0    0      48    
    NC    0     14    0     0    0     14

    BE    Loy 7 yard run    (Costa Kick)
    BE    Shiver 40 yard Pass from Herbst    (Costa Kick)  
    BE    Stephenson 21 yard Run    (Costa Kick)
    BE    Stephenson 19 yard pass from Herbst    (Costa Kick)
    BE    Stephenson 3 yard Run    (Costa Kick)
    NC    Mack 90 yard pass from Gilmore    (Mack fm
        Gilmore Pass)
    NC    Mack 9 yard pass from Gilmore    (run failed)
    BE    Stephenson 63 yard Kickoff Return    (Costa Kick)
    BE    Loy 3 yard run    (Costa Kick)

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