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Sports Last Updated: Jun 26, 2013 - 10:23:15 AM

New Primal Games pack Power!
By Jennifer Johnston
Jun 26, 2013 - 10:21:38 AM

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An estimated 350 New Primal Games participants and spectators spent the day under graciously cloudy skies at Thornhill Farm. A team from Daniel Island's Crossfit Discovery took the first-place podium for the 18-35 year-old scaled division. (L-R Eddie O'Neill, Jordan Davis, Ben Iaria). The games are organized and run by Daniel Island resident Jason Burke, who owns The New Primal, a company that makes and sells jerky-centered paleo trail packs.

The third annual New Primal Games were held this past Saturday at the 100-acre Thornhill Farm in McClellanville, SC. Put on by The New Primal, purveyor of jerky-centered paleo trail packs, the Games were held the prior two years on Daniel Island, but moved to the farm to accommodate the vision that was always intended for the event. “We never wanted it to be an ultra-competitive event,” relates The New Primal owner, Daniel Island resident Jason Burke. “We wanted people from all over the community to come out and enjoy an adult field day!”
This year’s shindig actually started the night before, when over 100 participants came out to Thornhill the night before to campout and enjoy a bountiful cookout (The New Primal is a food company first, after all!) with goodies harvested right from the farm and prepared by Daniel Island Maria Baldwin of Our Local Foods. From the farm fresh feast to live music around the bonfire, a true festival type-atmosphere was achieved, as Burke likened the vibe to Woodstock. The next morning, competitors awoke to the hoots of an owl (which happens to be The New Primal logo, though Burke denies any prior arrangements with the bird) and got to work… which looked a lot more like play.
Joined by those who arrived in the morning, there were 150 Gamers in all competing in teams of three in such primal events as a trail run, kayak sprint, atlas stone carry, and archery station. It was that last element that had Burke losing a little bit of sleep each night, but he and his team of volunteers had safety on lock. In fact, Burke told us that “everything went perfectly smoothly – I was more satisfied with this year’s event than any other.” As word of The New Primal Games finding its ideal location and nailing its caveman flavor gets out, Burke anticipates having to put a registration cap on the annual event to maintain its intimate feel. It’s the way the cavemen would have wanted it.

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