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Tennis Tip: How to master the backhand slice
By Dewey Caulder, Director of Tennis at Family Circle Tennis Center
Apr 24, 2013 - 9:25:43 AM

The backhand slice is becoming an extinct shot in tennis. This shot typically is used to manipulate the ball in such a manner that it can frustrate the harder hitter by forcing them to generate their own pace and stay lower in their stroke. It can be used to break an opponent’s rhythm and definitely draw them to the net where they might not feel as comfortable. There are several different shots in the backhand slice family: the backhand volley, the backhand drop volley, the backhand drop shot, and the backhand chip lob.
These general observations should help with mastering the backhand slice:
• The continental grip is the preferred grip choice.
• You must make an upper body turn while taking the racket back with your non dominant hand.  The upper body should coil to create good racket head speed/momentum.
• Your racket face should be slightly open. This allows you to slide under and through the ball, which will generate backspin. You do not want the stroke to be real choppy.
• Your arm will be slightly bent, but straighten out when you strike the ball.
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