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Features : Survey Last Updated: Aug 25, 2010 - 12:50:29 PM

Daniel Island News football survey results
Aug 25, 2010 - 12:48:12 PM

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Daniel Island News football survey results:


CHANGE: If there's one thing that you could change about football, what would it be? (e.g., the game itself? the ads? the salaries? the attention to off-field activities?) 

1. Nothing.

2. I just love it all!!

3. nothing

4. SALARIES---doctors/nurses/firemen/policemen/teachers should be making those outrageous salaries for SAVING LIVES...NOT ATHLETES!!!!!

5. Love it all!

6. Nothing whatsoever. The commercials (for fun), the time outs (for snacking), the length (an excuse to put off yard work).. It's perfect all the way around! What change a good thing!

7. Time outs after each kickoff or punt there are too many and they really interrupt the rhythm of the game.

8. Paying mega bucks to rookies who haven't proved themselves yet

9. Attention given to players by the media (I.e.- B. Farve)

10. Be fine with me if they discovered football, especially college football, was carcinogenic.

11. Less on field celebrations

12. Hold players more accountable for their off field actions


ENJOY: What do you enjoy most about the sport? In other words, what brings you to the game? 

1. People slamming into each other. And it can be really unexpected.

2. I've been attending games since I was 3. It is what fall and early winter are all about whether you are sitting in a stadium or in front of the TV!

3. I love college football! The rivalries, the tailgating, the season is what makes fall so exciting!

4. The action- the excitement-half time

5. Team spirit, camaraderie, watching great athletes

6. I like to watch the cheerleaders b/c I used to be one and my friend is a Cheerleader for the Redskins.

7. Fun to watch with others

8. The camaraderie with friends and family and of course... the anticipation of who will win!

9. Strategy and complexity meet brute force and luck. Every game can be as compelling as a best selling novel.

10. The great runs from breaking tackles, awesome acrobatic catches and bone crunching tackles!!!

11. The atmosphere at college games.

12. My favorite sports day of the year is the final game of the NBA playoffs, which means no more football or basketball on TV until September.

13. Excitement, athleticism, fun.

14. Whole experience of offense against defense and quick game changers


FAVORITE TEAM(S) -- We'll give you two, one pro and one college. 

1. Patriots! Clemson!

2. Giants (next door neighbor played Center for them) and Rutgers (my father announced the home games in the stadium) and they are finally winning!

3. There's only one - Alabama Crimson Tide - ROLL TIDE ROLL

4. Dallas cowboys, Clemson Tigers

5. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Falcons

6. Penn State and the Redskins

7. Appalachian State University, Carolina Panthers

8. Clemson and Colts Sun, Aug 22, 2010 1:23 PM Find...

9. Unfortunately The Buffalo Bills..but if they're not playing, the Carolina Panthers

10. Patriots, Boise State

11. Pro: Carolina Panthers, College: USC Gamecocks.

12. Dallas Cowboys and Clemson Tigers. Go Tigers!

13. None. I follow it through the newspaper accounts after the game. Much rather read a one paragraph account of what happened than sit through a game, which is more about huddles and commercials than action. I read somewhere that the actual action time of a football game is around 9 minutes.

14. NY Jets

15. Panthers, Notre Dame



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