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Our readers' sweet suggestions
Feb 26, 2010 - 12:47:32 PM

Our readers, as a lot, aren’t sugar shy, which is why they had no trouble answering the question: "What’s your favorite dessert, both here on the island and in the greater Charleston area?" The clear winners: the coconut cake, from Peninsula Grill and tiramisu, from a number of restaurants.

Here then are our readers’ palate-pleasing picks (with two humorous entries, see the second entry, below, and the "dessert" from High Cotton):

Favorite desserts on Daniel Island

· "Baklava, Ali Baba."



· "Guinness Stout on Tap."



· "Coconut pie at Laura Alberts."



· "The chocolate cake at Brewer’s Bistro or baklava at Ali Baba’s."



· "Chocolate cake from Brewers Bistro. It is the best anywhere."



· "Charleston Buttercreams-- (Tauheeda makes incredible cakes!)."



· "Cannoli at Et Cetera."



· "Red Velvet Cake."



· "Anything chocolate, and more difficult to make than I have time for at home!"



· "The coconut creme pie at Laura Alberts."



· "Bread pudding, Laura Alberts."



· "Queen Anne’s creme brulee is perfection! Just the right amount of vanilla with the perfect sugar shell on top!"



· "Tiramisu from Etcetera."



· "Publix Bon Bons which are brownie bites topped with buttercream and hand-dipped in chocolate."



· "I am a fan of Publix bakery cakes."



Favorite desserts in the greater Charleston area



· "Chocolate pudding at Hominy Grill."



· "Key Lime Pie with Chocolate Sauce and whipped cream!"



· "7 layer coconut cake from Peninsula Grill."



· "Cream Brulee from anywhere!"



· "Coconut cake - Peninsula Grill."



· "Mmm . . . anywhere with a good tiramisu."



· "It’s not from a restaurant, but yesterday I overdosed on a Boston cream pie from some frozen food supplier that I bought at the Daniel Island Publix. It was breakfast and dinner and, to boot, I’m on the zone diet. Where’s the protein in that? I’m counting on the eggs used in the baking process."



· "The Burnt Sugar Cake at Baked on East Bay Street. It is not on the menu all the time, but you can request it!"



· "Tiramisu from Cuoco Pazzo, homemade; espresso martini at High Cotton."



· "Pecan mocha torte at one of the Sal Parco restaurants, like Mustard Seed or Boulevard Diner."



· "Peninsula Grill 7 layer coconut cake, hands down!"



· "Red velvet cake."



· "Carrabba’s ‘John Cole’ with Blue Bell ice cream."



· "The creme brulee at Ansons."



· "Coconut Cake - Peninsula Grill."



· "Coconut Cake - Peninsula Grill - hands down favorite!!"



· "Red velvet bread pudding from Blossom (downtown)."



· "Definitely the Sogno at Carraba’s. My two boys, ages 6 and 10, and I adore it. And, I almost NEVER eat dessert anywhere! But, the Sogno is absolute heaven! SOGNO DI CIOCCO LATA, "Chocolate Dream," a rich fudge brownie brushed with Kahlua, crowned with chocolate mousse, whipped cream and chocolate sauce."



· "The ‘Vacherin’ at 39 Rue de Jean."



· "Hummingbird Cake from Village Bakery."



· "Brownie Sundae at Sticky Fingers."



· "The Towering Chocolate Cake and the Big Carrot Cake from The Eclectic Chef (in Summerville)."



· "The Tiramisu from Brixx Pizza."



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