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Community : Top Stories Last Updated: Feb 20, 2013 - 8:56:21 AM

1st district congressional candidates explain why Daniel Islanders should vote for them?
By Elizabeth Bush
Feb 20, 2013 - 8:52:28 AM

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Editor’s Note: Daniel Island News reporter Elizabeth Bush asked each of the 19 candidates several questions and the answers will appear from time to time leading up to the election. This is the second in the series.

First congressional district candidate Curtis Bostic spoke with supporters at the home of Daniel Island residents Colby and Heather Hollified earlier this month.

HOMETOWN: Charleston
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: Charleston County Council 2000-2008. Founder “Remember”, Founder “Peaceful Way”, Founder “Charleston Salutes!”, Sponsor “Charleston Motorcycle Squad” Board service on multiple area non-profits including Harvest Free Medical Clinic.
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? I will fight even the unpopular fight to limit the spending and growth of government. My experience makes me unique among the candidates to best relate to the people and to effectuate common-sense, conservative change.

OCCUPATION: Reliability Engineer
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? I will be more than just a good conservative. With the collective voice and guidance of the people of the 1st Congressional District, and my 30 year career as a problem solver, I will be a no-nonsense, non-political, hands-on agent for the right changes. We need more leadership towards a Congress that will put politics aside and work together to acknowledge and solve our nation’s problems. This is what I will bring to Congress.

HOMETOWN:  Charleston County
OCCUPATION: Businessman
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: Aid to the late Cong. L Mandel Rivers (Chairman of the House Arms Committee)
PARTY: Democrat
 Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? Daniel Islanders should vote for me because of my strong desire to serve the people’s needs. I believe fewer government regulations and private corporations are the answers for workers, businesses, senior citizens, schools, our communities, and abolish the death tax.

HOMETOWN: Goose Creek, SC
OCCUPATION: Systems Engineer
PARTY: Republican
 Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? Daniel Island is a very charming community with many local businesses and small business owners.  In order to keep it that way, our small businesses must be granted an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and innovation – not oppressive government regulation. I believe that entrepreneurs are responsible for building businesses and creating jobs; not the government. I support local business.  Local business owners and employees should not be hindered with the overreaching regulations and excessive taxation of our federal government. The time for this change is long overdue and wholesale change is the only way we as a community, state, or nation can compete in a global economy.

HOMETOWN: Charleston
OCCUPATION:  Estate Planning Attorney
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: State Senator for Berkeley & Charleston Counties between 2001 and 2004.
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? From 2001 until 2004, I represented Daniel Island in the State Senate, and, as your Senator, I was able to broker a compromise that kept the port off Daniel Island. If I hadn’t been your Senator at that time, Daniel Islanders would have a port centered right in their backyards. Because of my leadership, residents of Daniel Island do not have this problem. I fought for Daniel Island in Columbia, and I will fight for Daniel Island again in Congress. We must cut the spending, and I promise I will take my fighting spirit to Washington and will work hard to get this country back on track.

HOMETOWN: Goose Creek, SC (currently lives in Summerville, SC)
OCCUPATION: Cyber Security Engineer for DoD Contractor / Soldier in the Army National Guard
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: 15+ years in SC Army National Guard. First run for public office.
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? Daniel Islanders should vote for me, Tim Larkin, because I care about the people of Daniel Island. I know the town, the businesses, and the people. I am familiar with the County, the local issues, and the family values. Daniel Islanders should vote for me because I am the one out of many that will stand up for what is right no matter the political consequence. I will never place longevity in politics above making the right decision. I fully intend to return to the workforce in South Carolina. I do not intend to make a life in DC. In fact, I am the one out of many that will come home after a “Tour of Duty” in Congress knowing that I did my best for my family, my friends, and my community.  Daniel Islanders should vote “Tim Larkin” because I will make the difference that we need.

HOMETOWN: James Island
OCCUPATION: Small Business Owner (McCoy & Stokes Law Firm)
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: State Representative (District 115 - James Island, Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island), 2011-present; Criminal Prosecutor (Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office), 2005-2010
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you?  I'm a father who wants to protect and preserve the American Dream for my daughter and all of our children. I'm a Christian who knows it is morally reprehensible for career politicians to burden the next generation with $16 trillion of debt. I'm a crime fighter who put violent criminals behind bars and passed legislation to make South Carolina a better place to raise our families. And I'm a fresh-faced conservative who wants to return government to the people.

HOMETOWN:  Awendaw, S.C.
OCCUPATION: Small Business Owner;
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: Currently a Trustee on the Charleston County School Board. Republican Party Precinct VP and Chair; Republican Party Convention Delegate; Governor-appointed Guardian Ad Litem; PTA Membership Chairman and Legislative Delegate; Standards of Practice/Ethics Committee, Legislative Committee, Contract review Board, Charleston Trident Association of Realtors; 2006 and 2010 Candidate for State Superintendent of Education; Transition Team Choice Committee under South Carolina Superintendent Dr. Jim Rex and Past United States Department of Education Secretary Dick Riley; Review Of Academic Achievement Committee .
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? We all live East of the Cooper River, and you know where I stand on the issues. I think we need more conservative women in office; we've run small businesses; we've raised families; we've handled the family budget, and it really just comes down to common sense. Being a conservative woman I am often accused of being outspoken, and I am because I am standing up for my constituents; it's about time someone stood up and said no more spending. I believe a woman's place is in the house... the U.S. House!
HOMETOWN: Summerville, SC
OCCUPATION: Most recently-Criminal Justice Adviser for the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. I left this post to return home and run for this Congressional seat on a full-time basis.
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: Over 30 years in the law enforcement profession, 20 of which were in executive leadership as a Police Chief (Irmo and Summerville) or elected Sheriff (3 terms in Dorchester County). For the last three years I served in Afghanistan where I was assigned as the Criminal Justice Adviser to the US Embassy.
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? The prevailing sentiment coming out of Washington today is that the U.S. Constitution is nothing more than an obstacle to be circumvented, re-interpreted, or disregarded in pursuit of a liberal, socialist agenda. This is a very dangerous time in the life of our republic and the situation is swiftly deteriorating. We need someone in Congress who is willing to stand up for what is good and right and not back down when it gets hard or is politically expedient. As a professional lawman, my entire career has been devoted to defending the Constitution and standing against bullies and criminals who would dare to abuse the rights and freedoms of others. I want to take that same attitude to Congress. We already have plenty of attorneys and establishment politicians. Let's send a Sheriff to Congress for some real change!
HOMETOWN: Hilton Head Island, SC
OCCUPATION: State Representative (R-Hilton Head Island) and Security Consultant
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: South Carolina State Representative (2011 – Present), Agent in the US Secret Service, and active duty U.S. Air Force
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? I firmly believe that your vote is the most sacred thing someone can give to our Republic and it is a humbling request to ask for it, but I am asking for the votes of the people on Daniel Island because I have spent my entire life committed to our nation, committed to my family, and committed to our community.  I have not spent my career running for public office, but I have spent my life committed to service.  This is a commitment I have kept.  My word is my honor to the voters and when I say I will fight for the Lowcountry, fight for fiscal restraint, and fight for a restoration of the principles that make America great, you can be assured that I will do everything in my power to keep this promise to the voters of the 1st congressional district.

HOMETOWN: Daniel Island
OCCUPATION:  Lawyer with Hall Booth Smith, PC, specializing in Medical Malpractice Defense.
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: United States Army, veteran of the Iraq War.  He worked as Communications Director for a member of Congress and President of Kentucky State Senate.
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? I am the only candidate that is a resident of Daniel Island. I am your neighbor and will be your advocate in Washington. Daniel Island is a growing community that deserves a strong local voice in Congress. My children both attend school here on the Island and my wife and I share your concerns about our children’s future. My wife and I are active in the community, from coaching youth soccer to fundraising for local charities that have impacted Daniel Island children and families. I will support the small businesses on Daniel Island and will fight to eliminate costly federal regulations that impact them. I believe in the future prosperity of Daniel Island.

HOMETOWN: Mount Pleasant, SC
POLITICAL EXPERIENCE/PUBLIC SERVICE: Representative, 1st Congressional District of South Carolina (1995-2001), Governor, South Carolina (2003-2011)
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? It strikes me that the community is made up of people who have worked, saved and sacrificed to achieve what they have – and accordingly they don’t want government to take what they have spent a lifetime building. My entire time in politics has been focused on representing and advancing the taxpayer’s perspective, and it’s been recognized as extraordinarily unique in that regard. I also believe that they want their government to be efficient, and I have a record of trying here as well to make government work for its citizens. Whether in bringing wait times at DMV offices from 66 minutes to 15 by employing common sense strategies, in selling the state jet, or in beginning farm operations at the Department of Corrections that yielded both work skills for inmates and savings for taxpayers – they were all built around the idea of bringing common sense to government.

HOMETOWN: Mt. Pleasant
OCCUPATION:  High School Economics Teacher at Charleston Collegiate School (Johns Island)
PARTY: Republican
Why should Daniel Islanders vote for you? DI residents should vote for me because I’m not a career politician — I am someone who will fight to make Congress more accountable. For several decades, Americans have allowed career politicians to run Washington. The results speak for themselves. I have more business leadership experience than anyone else who is running for the seat vacated by Senator Tim Scott. I am also a person of integrity who will work hard to limit the roles of government in your business and in your lives. I’ll bring new ideas, and I’ll also bring more skills and resources to the table than anyone else who’s running. You should vote for me because it’s time to send Washington a message:  The current way of conducting business isn’t cutting it. I want to go to Washington to deliver new ideas, and solutions to problems Congress is afraid to address.
Editor’s Note: Candidates not responding to reporter Elizabeth Bush are: Keith Blandford, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, Jonathan Rath Hoffman, and Chip Limehouse.

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