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BCSD school site committee established
By Elizabeth Bush
Oct 9, 2013 - 9:47:08 AM

As promised by Berkeley County School District (BCSD) Superintendent Rodney Thompson at two September 30 public meetings, a committee of stakeholders has been established to help BCSD determine the best school site and design for a proposed new facility that will serve the Daniel Island and Cainhoy communities. As of Monday, October 7, 31 people had been named as delegates to the committee.  
According to Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) President Dave Williams, DINA received 15 nominations last week for the four slots available to the Daniel Island community. Those chosen – Rindy Ryan, Alicia Hughes, Ryan Gilsenan, and Jay Karen – represent 1/6 of the committee, yet over half the current population within the Daniel Island/Cainhoy attendance zones, said Williams.
“I think the team did a fantastic job of choosing from a very good list of highly qualified and passionate candidates with various backgrounds including education,” wrote Williams, in a letter to the community last Friday announcing the Daniel Island delegates. “I thank everyone for putting themselves out there for the betterment of our community.”
Also serving will be Ashley Cohen and Ann Williams of Beresford Hall, David Ramey and Angie Bryson of St. Thomas Point, Brian Meyers and Jennifer Murphy of Beresford Creek Landing, Dominic Lowe of Beresford Commons, Stephanie Mackara of the School Improvement Council at Daniel Island School (DIS), and Andrea Kelly of the DIS Parent Teacher Association; James Poch and Jonathan Looney of Shell Ring; Tammy Bryant and Eric Hatcher of Nelliefield Plantation; Ed Gutierrez and Heidi Mueller-Sezginalp of the Retreat at Beresford; Michael Petry, 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year; Stephanie Wallace, 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year; Frank Wright and Doug Cooper of the Berkeley County School Board; David Bateman and Chanel Floyd of The Peninsula subdivision;  Fred Lincoln of the Jack Primus Road neighborhood; Clifford Moore and Kathy Watson, both non-HOA representatives from the Cainhoy community; and Eric Snider, Chris Hazlett and Elijah Richardson of the Cainhoy Elementary Middle School PTO.
According to the BCSD website, each delegate must be able to volunteer up to five hours of time per week until the process is complete; collect community feedback that represents the collective best interests of all children; share feedback from their neighborhoods or groups; attend meetings on and off Daniel Island, including Board of Education meetings in Moncks Corner; and use the district website to communicate all committee discussion, dialogue, outcomes or action items to ensure complete visibility and transparency. Facebook and Twitter are not acceptable communication vehicles, as not all community members use these tools, the district stated. In addition, each delegate (exceptions are Board of Education members and teachers) should have at least one child currently enrolled in BCSD.
The first meeting of the committee will be held at 6:30 pm on October 9, at Cainhoy Elementary Middle School, 2434 Cainhoy Road, Huger. The session is open to the public. The committee is expected to be split into two subgroups – one to review recommendations and proposals for school site selection, and the other to study grade configurations and magnet school options.
“The two groups will have to work collaboratively and not in isolation of the other,” stated the BCSD website.
The October 9 meeting will also include selecting facilitators and chairpersons for each subgroup, as well as outline preparation for determining work progress, expected goals, and timelines. Additional information, as well as frequently asked questions and answers, can be obtained by visiting a page created especially for the Daniel Island and Cainhoy communities at the BCSD website at

Daniel Island/Cainhoy

Daniel Island Community
Rindy Ryan
Ryan Gilsenan
Alicia Hughes
Jay Karen

Daniel Island School – PTA
Andrea Kelly

Daniel Island School –
School Improvement Council
Stephanie Mackara

Shell Ring
James Poch
Jonathan Looney

Beresford Creek Landing
Brian Meyers
Jennifer Murphy

The Retreat at Beresford
Ed Gutierrez
Heidi Mueller-Sezginalp

Beresford Commons
Dominic Lowe

Beresford Hall
Ashley Cohen
Ann Williams

Nelliefield Plantation
Tammy Bryant
Eric Hatcher
St. Thomas Point
David Ramey
Angie Bryson

The Peninsula
David Bateman
Chanel Floyd

Jack Primus neighborhood
Fred Lincoln

Non-HOA representatives from Cainhoy community
Clifford Moore
Kathy Watson

Cainhoy Elementary
Middle School PTO
Eric Snider
Chris Hazlett
Elijah Richardson

2012-2013 Teacher of
the Year
Michael Petry

2013-2014 Teacher of
the Year
Stephanie Wallace

Berkeley County
School Board
Doug Cooper
Frank Wright

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