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Community : Top Stories Last Updated: Oct 23, 2013 - 8:56:16 AM

Building to Building: 115 River Landing Drive
By Katherine Smith
Oct 23, 2013 - 8:49:44 AM

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Sermet's Courtyard

Name of Business: Sermet's Courtyard
Point of Contact:  Ceylan Aslan & Stacey McGowan
Phone Number: 843-471-1777
What does your business do?  
Sermet's Courtyard is a Mediterranean Restaurant.
What is the most important thing you want us to know about your business?  
We have an amazing courtyard!  We also cater to wedding receptions, private parties and luncheons of 30 or more people.
What do you like about doing business on Daniel Island?  
Sermet: "I did not know very much about Daniel Island before opening, just that the restaurant business out here has been tough!  I picked our spot because it felt right and Mr. and Mrs. Kirk King have helped me tremendously from the beginning.  Our customers and friends here on the island are the main reason why I love doing business here! "

CSS International, Inc. 
Greg Pressley and Joanna Illing

Name of Business: CSS International, Inc.           
Point of Contact: Betsy Eubanks           
Phone Number: 843-849-8712
What does your business do?  
CSS is an implementation and system integration consulting firm for organizations considering or already using Oracle enterprise solutions. We are a Platinum Partner with Oracle and a go-to firm for implementation and business process improvement across several industries, including manufacturing/supply chain, consumer goods and engineering and construction.
What is the most important thing you want us to know about your business?            
The most important thing to know about our business is that CSS has developed a culture for our employees and clients that fosters autonomy, balance and leadership – a unique combination that has great impact on the employees’ and organization’s performance. Oracle recognizes CSS as a top-performing partner and a 4-time recipient of the Oracle Excellence Awards, most recently in 2013 for our contribution to sustainability using Oracle solutions (Eco-Enterprise Award winner 2013).
What do you like about doing business on Daniel Island?  
Daniel Island has the enviable combination of a close-knit retail and business community that is able to provide all of the local services that are essential to CSS. As an added perk for CSS employees, Daniel Island is convenient to our homes, the airport and downtown.

Sinclaire Law Firm
(L to R) Anne Marie Bowdoin, Edward B. Cottingham, Jr., Glenn P. Churchill, and David K. Haller. Not pictured Jack Sinclaire

Name of Business:  Sinclaire Law Firm, Haller Law Firm, Cottingham Law Firm, and Glenn P. Churchill, LLC
Point of Contact:  Anne Marie Bowdoin
Phone Number:  843-849-1384
What does your business do? 
Four sole practitioner attorneys offering a wide variety of civil and criminal legal services.
What is the most important thing you want us to know about your business? 
Almost anybody with a legal problem can find a lawyer here to help.
What do you like about doing business on Daniel Island? 
Our location is quiet and beautiful, and easily accessible for clients.

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