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Burglary in Broad Daylight!
By Elizabeth Bush
Dec 12, 2012 - 8:34:30 AM

Broad daylight and the flurry of people coming and going in the neighborhood after school did not prove to be deterrents for a burglar seeking to gain entry into a home in Codner’s Ferry Park on December 4.
According to the police report filed on the incident, an unknown person or persons kicked in a rear door of the property, located in the 100 block of Beresford Creek, just before 3 pm.  After entry was made into the home, a security alarm sounded and police were notified. The culprit fled the scene, after taking some jewelry items, before officers arrived.
Lt. Rivers, commanding officer of Daniel Island-based Team 5, believes the house’s alarm “no doubt” accelerated the suspect’s departure from the property. Some neighbors reported seeing potentially suspicious activity in the area, she noted.
“There was a possible witness who advised that there may have been a silver sedan type vehicle fleeing the area, occupied by a white male,” said Lt. Rivers, in a community email message. “There was another neighbor who advised seeing a black male in the victim’s driveway earlier in the day.”
It is unknown as to whether or not there is a connection between the two individuals, added Lt. Rivers. Police cautioned residents to lock all windows and doors properly, and to be sure security alarms are activated. In the case of the Codner’s Ferry Park burglary, it appeared the residents had taken all necessary precautions.
“As this case reveals…. it’s not a guarantee,” said Lt. Rivers. “They did everything they could. Locked doors, set the alarm…There wasn’t much more they could have done.”   
Lt. Rivers does not believe this incident is connected with a string of residential burglaries reported on the island earlier this year. Those cases remain unsolved. A game plan for enhancing protection and deterring crime on the island in response to the most recent incident is already in place, she said.
“The Charleston Police Department has already deployed (and will continue as needed) additional man/woman hours along with various tactics to prevent and deter criminal activity and to identify those involved,” continued Lt. Rivers in her email message.  “The detectives and investigator continue to investigate the reported incidents using a multitude of tools that will hopefully assist them in identifying possible suspects. We also ask and rely on the community to be our extra eyes and ears.”
Anyone noticing something out of place, or out of the ordinary, is asked to contact police at 577-7437. Residents not currently part of a Daniel Island Neighborhood Watch program are also urged to contact the Crime Prevention Office at 769-7407 to connect with a group in your area. Additionally, anyone traveling out of town for the holidays can contact police at 720-2427 so that officers can check on your property in your absence.  

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