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Cainhoy Plantation Planned Unit Development
Jan 14, 2014 - 7:52:40 PM

“My concern is you have 9,000 acres of land. That’s a lot of property. You should have a large park and some mini parks throughout the area….The African-American community, they should give something back to them. We have lived here all our life. We don’t even have a park, not even a boat landing. And that’s so sad.” Bernard Shaw, Jack Primus Road resident
“It’s still all cloudy right now to be quite honest. You can’t really determine what’s going to happen…because they are not telling us everything in detail.” Aaron Green, Cainhoy area resident
“You’ve got a great plan, but…you’ve got to do something with Clements Ferry Road…There is going to be mass confusion if you start building on it and you don’t have anywhere to put the traffic.” Robert “Rabbit” Lockwood, Cainhoy area resident
“Right now, we’ve got a parking lot (on Clements Ferry Road)…in the mornings and afternoons. You add a high school in there and we have not four-laned that highway, you’re going to have a parking lot all day long…As this thing builds out, (traffic) is going to be a nightmare. Butch Skinner, Cainhoy Village resident

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