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Community : Top Stories Last Updated: Mar 20, 2013 - 9:12:43 AM

Crescent Moon Orthodontics gives patients new reason to smile
By Elizabeth Bush
Mar 20, 2013 - 9:07:44 AM

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The new patient treatment area at Crescent Moon Orthodontics is all about comfort. Utlizing soothing natural tones of green and brown, the space features a 35-foot mural of a rainforest, as well as TV flat screens mounted overhead to provide entertainment for patients.

The Crescent Moon Orthodontics team: Brittany Ryan, Dr. Michael Zetz, Marge Budde, Lori Sanders and Beth Brannon.

Dr. Michael Zetz of Crescent Moon Orthodontics knows the benefits of being patient while waiting for things to move into perfect alignment. Those skills have certainly earned him an excellent reputation for building beautiful smiles for his patients, but they also came in handy after his practice on Island Park Drive suffered a devastating fire in 2011.
In the two years after the blaze destroyed the Daniel Island building housing Zetz’ offices, and those of several other businesses, his practice underwent a reconstruction process of its own. After initially moving to other sites in Hanahan and Mount Pleasant, and then to a temporary office on River Landing Drive, Zetz and his team officially celebrated the grand opening of their newly minted space on February 25. The new building was completely redone on the same site as the original. His new practice signage was installed on March 1, the exact two year anniversary of the fire. Zetz commended Grove Property Fund, the building’s owners, for doing “a great job” on the construction process.
“It took longer than I expected, but I just think that was because of the process that had to happen,” he said, while sitting at his desk in the practice’s gleaming new space last week. “You’ve got a lot of moving parts. You’ve got architects, architectural review boards, insurance companies and attorneys, and construction folks, all involved in bringing this back into place. Anytime you have a lot of moving parts, it just takes time.”
Although the building itself has the same footprint as before, it has “nothing in common with the previous building,” added Zetz, who originally started his practice on Daniel Island in 2005. Crescent Moon occupies a large portion of the first floor and includes about 400 square feet of new space. In addition, there are two more patient exam chairs than he had in the former space, as well as an enhanced lab, two private exam rooms equipped with large wall-mounted computer screens for educating patients and family members about treatment plans. In the main patient care area, rows of chairs and equipment stations sit facing a massive 35 foot wall mural of a rainforest. Mounted overhead are two sizeable TV flat screens to keep patients entertained. The practice also has updated its diagnostic technology, including adding a new X-Ray unit that is capable of taking 3D scans.
“There are more bells and whistles,” added Zetz. “And more entertainment, comfort and diagnostic features available for our patients.”
All of the interior décor was selected by Zetz, who focused on colors and features that offer patients a restful experience.
“I wanted it to remain kind of elemental,” said Zetz of the design. “I wanted to use wood, glass and metal and keep it in that regard so that it could feel soothing. I wanted to have the rainforest picture set the tone.” 
Not only is the décor good for patients, it’s good for the planet. Zetz took great strides to make sure the office stayed “green” by utilizing LED light fixtures, sensors and recycled materials, such as those used in the plank wood laminate flooring.
“I wanted it to literally and figuratively be intelligently designed more than anything, and true to the elements of nature,” he added.
While most kids will likely take note of the iPads available for their use in the waiting room before spotting the environmentally-friendly features at Crescent Moon, the practice’s new digs are certainly attracting attention and praise. Much to Zetz’s delight, a 12 year old patient recently left her appointment (her first in the new space) and returned later with friends to show it off.
“I thought that was amazing!” he said. “Who would have ever thought that would happen? I thought that was pretty neat.”
“The new space has lots more room,” added staff member Brittany Ryan, who has been with the practice for eight years. “It’s like walking into the jungle every day. We have such nice scenery!
“I love the new office,” commented Nelda Dwinnell, a patient who stopped in last week for the first time. “It’s very inviting and you makes you just relax!”
For Zetz, the whole experience has been a learning process, one that he now sees in a more positive light than at the time of the fire.
“I learned that a practice is not a building,” he said. “It just isn’t. A practice is its people and the patients. That is what we didn’t lose. We didn’t lose the heart of the practice when we lost the building.”
Zetz especially wanted to thank the Daniel Island community for stepping up in support after the fire. Even though they moved into a temporary, smaller space with fewer resources, the practice still managed to grow, which allowed Crescent Moon to give back in even bigger ways to island organizations and charitable causes. They are also in the process of adding two new staff members, an assistant and a front office staff person.
“Directly commenting to the Daniel Island community and to our patients as a whole, they were completely and totally supportive in every way,” said Zetz. “…That enables everything to come full circle…It’s just a fantastic thing to see and watch and be a part of. And that doesn’t happen without people coming in and people being supportive of the practice and us doing as good a job as we can.”
Like the smiles he creates for his patients, Dr. Zetz and his team have surely discovered that in the end, no matter what the challenges, everything comes together just as it should. 

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