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Cub Scouts install bat houses
Jan 16, 2013 - 9:05:22 AM

Some new, “multi-family housing” has gone up around Daniel Island, and it might just mean fewer mosquito bites for you and your family. About 24 handmade bat houses have been installed in various Daniel Island neighborhoods and parks as part of a local cub scout project to help cut down the island’s troublesome mosquito population while protecting the environment. Last May, Troop 519 submitted an entry in the Daniel Island Community Improvement Contest. As part of the contest, residents were encouraged to propose a project that would improve the quality of life on Daniel Island, producing a specific result that can be enjoyed by island residents. The cub scouts’ idea was one of three selected by the judges for the competition, which was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Daniel Island, the Daniel Island Community Fund, and The Daniel Island News. Cub scouts, parents and other helpers gathered on the grounds of Church of the Holy Cross on Daniel Island last fall to construct the houses, which can accommodate up to 20 bats. The thin, square-shaped structures were installed in November about 10 to 15 feet up in various tree lines. Recognizing that a typical brown bat can consume 1000 mosquitoes in an hour, the scouts estimate that there could be a potential 20,000 mosquitoes eliminated per bat house per night --- what a great way to take the bite out of summer!  As part of the project, the scouts will continue to monitor the houses.

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