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Great Local Boating & Suggestions for Improvement
Jun 1, 2011 - 8:50:45 AM

We asked our readers to share information about great places to fish and boat, photos, and suggestions for improving the boating community.


Sam with Kings.

Suzanne Dandridge's daughter in law, Melanie Scofield, is shown with her big catches.


Tod Scofield is shown in his new boat in the Wando near the Sales Center dock. 


This is a shot of Ellery Baugh.  She is 8 years old and in 2nd grade at DIS.  She caught this "Red" in Ralston Creek back in Nov. using a small spinning rod and a mud minnow.  She loves fishing and how abundant this resource is living on Daniel Island.

Chris Colwell goes scuba diving offshore.

Last Thanksgiving, David Martin and his family went for a boat cruise around the harbor and up the Wando by DI.

Macy Meyer catches a blue crab.

Mac Meyer enjoys the fading days of last summer out on his kayak.

Ben Dreyer and Cayman MacIver are both 6 and avid little fishermen!


We asked our readers to share information about great places to fish and boat, photos, and suggestions for improving the boating community.


From Captain David White:

Fishing on and around DI is a year round activity for my family and myself. We fish from our 22ft Pontoon boat and new Malibu Stealth Kayaks. Kayak Fishing has opened up a completely new experience for us and we fish in shallow water creeks locations not accessible by boat. Being an active member of the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club and taking advantage of the technical fishing clinics offered has helped me improve my fishing skills.

Fishing locations and methods are hard to pinpoint. Every month and sometimes week to week bait, lures, equipment used and locations change. For the past 4 years I have kept an accurate Fishing Log Book that gives me a reference of dates, location, Moon and tides. This has enabled me to become successful in my fishing efforts.

One of our family local boating spots after a cruise on the Wando River is the low tide beach area along the DI shore line. This area is great for walks, swimming and a possible picnic.


Some improvements for boating on DI:

Boat storage has become increasingly expensive.

The Beresford Creek Boat Launch needs work and should be improved. Launching there can be very challenging. It is tide sensitive, too narrow and the ramp angle too steep. It has limited dock and parking space. As this community has grown, so should access to our waterways be improved and expanded.


From Jason Schall:

Daniel Island needs a public boat ramp/launch.


From Ron Silverman:

Great local boating and fishing destination

You don’t have to go far to find a great boating and fishing destination. It is Daniel Island, an island surrounded by some great fishing in the Wando and Cooper Rivers and local creeks. In the cooler months, we fish for red drum ("Spottail bass") and spotted trout. As the weather warms, our species opportunities expand to flounder, Sheepsheads, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, and jack Crevalle. Daniel Island is also a great venue to see marine wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, and many varieties of sea birds. Boaters can cruise up some creeks and see the marsh the way the Indians saw it, with no sign of man. So, I vote for Daniel Island as a great fishing and boating destination.


 What would make the boating community in Daniel Island and Charleston even better? 

A public boat ramp on the Wando River, to have our local gas station sell regular gas without Ethanol (10% ethanol is now added to almost all gas sold at gas stations.  The ethanol can damage some boats fuel systems and cause water to condense out into gas adversely affecting the operation of the engine.), and a boating club.


From Chris Colwell:

Great local boating and fishing destinations: 

It all depends on what you intend to do. The inland waterways and creeks are great for cruising, skiing/wakeboarding and inshore fishing. Morris Island, Capers Inlet and Bulls Inlet are fun places to anchor with a few friends. Consult with local boaters if you’re not familiar with the local creeks as murky waters and changing tides can put a novice in potentially dangerous situations for running aground, etc.  If you’re interested in fishing but not sure where to go or how to get started, consult local guides or get involved with local clubs like the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club. There is also good offshore fishing for dolphin, grouper, mackerel, tuna and other sport fish. 

I would recommend chartering a trip or going out with experienced anglers, as many offshore sites are 20+ miles offshore.  There’s also good scuba diving offshore, which most people aren’t aware of.  Those sites are also several miles offshore and I would recommend going with experienced local divers or chartering a trip with a local dive shop.


What would make the boating community on Daniel Island and Charleston even better: 

More public boat landings would greatly benefit the area.  I understand a phase of Governor’s Park was to include a public boat landing for access to the Wando River, but I believe there are funding problems holding up its construction.  I also think additional waterfront venues would be attractive to boaters in the area, as there aren’t many restaurants, etc. with the exception of Shem Creek where you can arrive by boat.  Lastly, I think the best way to improve boating is for boaters to strive to be better boaters in general.  You’re not required to have a license or even take a boater education course to purchase or operate a boat (notwithstanding charter captains, etc.).  If you’re not familiar with the area, or boating in general, I would highly recommend taking a course with the Coast Guard and speaking with local boaters and anglers.  Taking the time to learn the "rules of the road" on the water and the nuances of our local water ways will go a long way to making your boating adventures safe and enjoyable.


From Greg Boevin:

On Fishing:

Fishing is good so far except for very few trout, so whenever I do catch one it’s released in the water.

Reds and sharks are being caught using good fresh bait. Lots of good locations from the intercoastal to the jetties.


On Improvements to the boating community:

When you get to a spot if someone is fishing don’t get too close to them, give them room. I guess that’s my only complaint. When using the boat ramps be 100 percent ready to load or unload your boat, this should only take a few minutes either way.

From Susanne Dandridge:

Rental boats would be nice for those that do not own a boat (of course at a reasonable price so families could afford a day on the water). Maybe a special rate to Island residents at one of the nearby marinas. 


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