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Community : Top Stories Last Updated: Jan 23, 2013 - 8:55:32 AM

Heads up: Traffic reversed on short street beside DI Fire Station
By Jennifer Johnston
Jan 23, 2013 - 8:53:25 AM

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You weren't really going to turn in here, were you?

So, you're cruising down River Landing Drive after an intense game of tag at the Children's Park, and decide your son's hustle is begging for some organized youth sports. You make a super-spontaneous decision to register him for Charleston Rec Department basketball, and start to pull into the short street beside the fire department, behind which the Department of Recreation office is tucked. Ah ah ah... not so fast... you'll notice there's a "do not enter" sign at that mini-street, and the heavy police presence at this facility may suggest that pretending you didn't see it will not end well for you.
That's right, the short street that runs behind Simmons Park from River Landing to Seven Farms now actually runs from Seven Farms to River Landing; motorists must enter from Seven Farms Drive.
'Since when?' you might ask. Since the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) made the request of the City of Charleston Traffic and Transportation Department back in the fall. 'Okay, but why?' you might also ask. Boy, you ask a lot of questions for someone needing to make a left-hand turn in the next few seconds. But fair enough.
Following an August meeting, former DINA President Mac McBride discussed the idea of the reversal with DINA board and other members. The group had heard concerns regarding the lack of parking for visitors to the Rec Department, as well as the challenge of safely exiting the facility's parking lot headed towards Daniel Island Drive from Seven Farms Drive. McBride brought the matter to the attention of Charleston Police Team Five Commander Lt. Katrina Rivers, and her team monitored the area for several weeks.
Having observed no backups, and considering resident concerns about motorists using cut-throughs to speed around the island, Lt. Rivers' initial recommendation was for a compromise: "My requested solution is to have the traffic remain in its current direction and designate a couple of parking spots in the rear of the building for the recreation department's visitors during office hours," Rivers suggested in an October 9 email to McBride and the Daniel Island News. "Citizens desiring to travel towards Daniel Island Drive could exit through Pier View Street onto Seven Farms Drive."
Still, McBride made a formal request to City Traffic and Transportation on behalf of his DINA constituents, and after considering the matter, T&T Department head Robbie Somerville followed back up with Lt. Rivers to ensure island police would be in support of an approved reversal. Following this exchange, Lt. Rivers stated, "In evaluating the Pier View/Seven Farms Drive intersection, I agreed that having the option to utilize River Landing/Seven Farms Drive would be more beneficial. Therefore, after checking with (Daniel Island) EMS and Fire, I advised that there were no foreseeable issues with the reversal."
So now you've got the what, where, when, and why. You've been warned. Enter from Seven Farms, exit out River Landing, and steer clear of a spontaneous citation.

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