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Kids Fish with Family and Friends: Daniel Island Kids Fishing Tournament
By Fred Danziger
Jun 19, 2013 - 8:03:37 AM

Grand prize winner, Henry King, who caught a 15" largemouth bass, won a half day fishing charter accompanied by an adult, with Captain Greg Peralta of Shallow Water Charters. Pictured with King are the owner of Scout Boats (presenting sponsor), Daniel Island resident Steve Potts, and Captain Greg Peralta.
Abby Adams, chief librarian of the DI Public library was on hand to receive the net proceeds from the event, $2500. Pictured with Adams are DI Inshore Fishing Club members Fred Danziger and Dave White.
These 12 year old boys, Mason Cannon, Samuel Maher and Andrew Newport, combine fishing with friendship.
Neighbors fish together: Erik Swanson, Jill Smiley and Reed Swanson.
Don, Susanna, Gunter and Lexi fish together!
Family time for Char, Andy, Kendall and Logan!
Above: Aiden Kerley cools down with a Popsicle!
Kaleb Jack humbly explained he caught an 11 ½ inch Largemouth Bass earlier in the day.
Ellie and Jason Chalupsky take advantage of the free lemonade!
Mary Helen Maxwell enjoyed visiting and fishing with her grandchildren: Madeleine, Rivers Stone, and Maxwell.
The May family, Bryce, Molly Josie, Chris and Lilah “caught lots of seaweed and some minnows!”
Megan and Kate Richey multi-task! With lines in the water, the girls work on their gymnastic moves!
William and Cameron Stonefield entered the tournament with their dad.
Bo Jimenez, who caught a few fish early in the day, holds his line.
Father and daughter Sydney and Jay Hostetter find the perfect spot!

The third annual Daniel Island Kids Fishing Tournament was held this past weekend to celebrate our love of family, fishing and our home, Daniel Island. We had wonderful weather that allowed the 94 angler-participants, and the approximately 300 attendees, to have a super day.  
Our community event was well supported by generous sponsors and donors. Many had tables offering demonstrations of products and free give-aways. The presenting sponsor for our award ceremony was Scout Boats. The owner and Daniel Island resident, Steve Potts, was present to give out the awards to the kids. SCDNR had a fishing simulator on site that was enjoyed/tested by approximately 100 people.
Other donors included Orlando’s pizza, Charleston Battery Soccer Team, and Publix - who generously provided bagged snacks, popsicles and water…and of course their adorable mascot PLATO was a big hit.
This year there were door prizes for attendance which included rods and reels, tackle boxes, fishing pliers, and a truly unique prize, a 1/2 day kayak and fishing trip with Captain Dave White of Malibu Kayaks. The Grand prize winner, Henry King, who caught a 15" largemouth bass, won a half day fishing charter accompanied by an adult, with Captain Greg Peralta of Shallow Water Charters.
Abby Adams, chief librarian, of the DI Public library was on hand to receive the net proceeds from the event…$2500. She was speechless...well almost.
The most rewarding part of the entire event is the feedback back from many parents who came up to me at the end of the event to express what a wonderful event The Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club organizes for the kids and the community, "every year it gets better, we can't wait until next year.”
A note from Ron Silverman about lack of mullet caught at this year’s tournament
If you live on Daniel Island, most days you see mullet "free jumping" in all the ponds and lakes on the Island. Mullet are salt water fish that can thrive in brackish fresh water. During the tournament, we saw few if any mullet free jumping on Smythe Park Lake and none were caught. However, in last year's tournament, so many mullet were caught that the scorekeepers had a tough time recording them all; and the Grand Champion in last year's tournament was a young lady who caught an 18 3/4" mullet. Capt. Greg Peralta and I both came up with the same theory to explain why no mullet were caught this year. We guessed that due to the recent heavy rains preceding this year's tournament, a layer of fresh water formed on the surface of the lake, with the heavier salt water below, and that keep the mullet deep in the lake and not near the surface where the kids were fishing. Having no mullet caught this year did not in any way deter the kids from having a great time and catching many largemouth bass, panfish, and eels.
A note from the editor
I enjoyed photographing the fishing tournament again this year. Although most people I talked to were not catching much, they were universally enjoying a good time. It is one of my favorite Daniel Island events – perhaps it is the quiet activity and the soft sounds of whispers and gentle laughter, occasionally broken by the shout, “I got one!”
The tournament and awards lasted into the early afternoon. Later that evening I returned to Smythe Park to walk my dog around the lake and did not see a single piece of tackle or garbage – the area was so clean that no one would have ever guessed that 300 people were using the park for several hours earlier that day. Great tournament! Great quiet family time! Great stewardship of Smythe Lake!

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