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Local musician Tyler Boone joins Homegrown Concert event
By Prisha Verrier
Aug 14, 2013 - 9:36:09 AM

The guys from Hootie and the Blowfish know a thing or two about giving back to their community; the band’s non-profit foundation has raised nearly $2,000,000 for more than 180 charities and organizations throughout South Carolina. They understand the importance of grassroots movements and local support, and with their Homegrown Concert event next weekend, they are paying it forward.
“If you can play an instrument and do it well, then performing to help people is the best thing any musician can do for others and their community,” says Homegrown Concert performer Tyler Boone, a studious 23-year-old songwriter whose years of hard work and networking have really begun to pay off, opening for acts such as Christopher Cross, Old Crow Medicine Show and American Idol finalist Elise Testone.
The impetus for Boone’s involvement with the Homegrown event occurred three years ago when he first met Mark Bryan during a Charleston-based talent show. Since then, he has fostered not only a friendship with the famed Hootie guitarist, but has developed a steady working relationship, as well. Bryan contributed to two of the tracks on Boone’s second EP, Changing Pace (October 2012, King City Records), which was produced and mastered by multi-Platinum and Grammy Award-winning engineers at Ocean Industries Studio, where Boone helps with the booking and management.
Songs from Changing Pace started to receive a significant amount of radio play throughout Charleston, Savannah, Charlotte and, most recently, on KPRI in San Diego, and it quickly became evident that Boone had a growing fan base that was clamoring for more content. It was around this time that the young musician was introduced to John Barnhardt, an Emmy Award-winning producer, director, filmmaker and co-creator of ABC’s educational travel series, Born to Explore. Last summer, Barnhardt filmed Boone’s first video, for the single “Home”, at the old Navy Yard in North Charleston, and the pair is currently working on their next video collaboration for Boone’s popular song “Don’t Forget My Name”.
In addition to filming and touring around the southeast, Boone is also preparing to begin work on his first full length album, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with the costs of tracking, mastering and printing copies of the CD. Kickstarters are a great way to rally the support of fans and can be a wonderful grassroots effort – but if the campaign’s total fundraising goal is not met, Boone and his band will not receive a single pledged dollar.
“Any bit of support from friends, family and fans means the world to us,” Boone says. “We are funding this record mostly ourselves, so any help and support we receive, we greatly appreciate it.”
Boone’s Kickstarter campaign ends at 4:35pm on August 22, the day before the Homegrown Concert kicks off at the Family Circle Stadium. You can access it by following the link below, and then be sure to get your tickets for the Homegrown Concert weekend where Boone and his band will be performing at 11:30 am on Saturday, August 24.
Tyler Boone’s Kickstarter Campaign:

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