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New couple awakens Seven Farms spot with coffee and sweets
By Jennifer Johnston
Oct 3, 2012 - 9:09:15 AM

Meet the people who will make your mornings less cranky and your afternoons a little sweeter:  Chris and Missy Wallace, owners of DI's new Fired Urth Espresso Bar and Bakery.

For months, Daniel Islanders have been wandering around under-espressoed. Sure, they’ve rallied their best can-do effort to get by with their sorry automatic drip coffee makers, but island residents have a need to be caffeinated which neither Keurig nor Cuisinart can fully quench. We’ve all seen these brave souls about town, trying to be productive but one blink away from a nap. Slowed speech, vacant stares, and a step with no spring are the telltale signs of this epidemic.
And what of the children? How much longer must they endure the island’s drought of drinkable chocolate?
Help is on the way, my lethargic friends. Fired Urth Espresso Bar and Bakery is scheduled to open in the coming days on Seven Farms Drive at the site of the former Et Cetera café.Owners Chris and Missy Wallace are bringing to Daniel Island the very lifeblood it has been craving for far too long. Oh, and they’re bringing cupcakes with it.
The Wallaces recently closed up shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, to bring their brand of coffee contentment and bakery bliss to Daniel Island. Having spent a couple years in Hilton Head, they grew to love the Lowcountry and the Charleston area. They’d originally planned to open Fired Urth in Mount Pleasant, but a chance visit to Daniel Island changed all that.
“Daniel Island seemed more our speed,” Missy reveals. “It was a better fit for what we do.” And what they do is satiate what many folks deem a true need, coffee, and a legitimate want, cupcakes. These were the mainstays of their store in Charlotte, and it is what they do best. “She’s the baker, I’m the coffee guy,” says Chris. Missy concurs that she has been a pastry practitioner for as long as she can remember, and ran a personal chef outfit in Hilton Head. Chris, who has been an entrepreneur for years, caught a bug for the bean from a good friend who was a coffee roaster.
As for running the business end, Chris says that particular role is shared, as each partner is equally proficient. In fact, Chris calls Missy out on a little luxury she’s enjoyed her entire adult life: “She’s never worked for anyone.” At this, Missy smiles, perhaps recalling the experience of opening their first coffee shop and bakery in Charlotte, and outgrowing the building in just three months. With that kind of validation, it’s hard to not enjoy being your own boss.
Breaking down the store’s name, the couple felt that the word “fired” had an “artisan” connotation, and the term “urth” means “destiny.” Individually, the two parts made sense because the couple makes everything from scratch, and they are fulfilling a dream in a place to which they feel drawn. Put together, the words simply made a cool name.
Fired Urth will operate as a traditional espresso bar with all the favorites, as well as hand-crafted coffee in a “pour-over” style. This one-cup-at-a-time method means the beans for each order are weighed out and ground fresh, then hot water is hand-poured over the coffee, resulting in a remarkably robust cuppa joe. The beans will come from Counter Culture Coffee, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The couple has already partnered with Sweeteeth Chocolate of Charleston to not only carry a selection of decadent bars and bites, but also develop a menu of “sipping chocolate.” This rich drink is described as falling somewhere between hot chocolate and drinking chocolate, and Fired Urth will offer varying swoon-able flavors.
The new store will also feature a full bakery, with goodies made from scratch using ingredients locally-sourced whenever possible. Missy’s signature treat, the gourmet cupcake, will be on a lineup that changes weekly to tempt a wide range of taste buds. “At our first location (in Charlotte) we created 200 different cupcake flavors and plan on bringing that same creativity to this shop as well,” the Wallaces promise. Proven favorite flavors include chocolate salted caramel and several varieties boasting that coveted meat candy, bacon. The store’s bakery case will also include traditional cream scones, sweet and salty brownies, and a decision-defying assortment of cookies. Steel cut oats and quiche are on the menu for those who cannot live by pastry alone.
The space will retain much of the existing layout, but the décor will be warm and rustic. The intent is to make it welcoming, a sentiment the Wallaces feel has been extended to them even before they’ve officially arrived. “The response we’ve gotten from people here so far has been great,” Missy tells us. “We love the island and feel that our business will be a great addition to the community.” We don’t know you yet, Fired Urth, but your potential to give us more zip/less zombie makes us kind of love you already.
Fired Urth Espresso Bar & Bakery is located at 245 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 100, in Daniel Island. Operating hours will be Monday through Saturday 7:00 am. to 5:00 pm. The store opens for business very soon; check or their Facebook page for updates.

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