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Police Blotter - August 29, 2013
Aug 28, 2013 - 8:40:48 AM

Bike thefts
In response to a recent increase in the number of bike thefts on the island, officers at Daniel Island-based Team 5 are urging community members to be sure that all bikes are secured when not in use. They also encouraged residents to register bikes with the Police Department. Since school started on August 19, there have been three reported bike thefts, according to Detective Ed Gracely. Most of the thefts have occurred in condominium complexes, he added. Residents can register bikes with police at the Team 5 office. For more information, call 849-0304.
A Daniel Island Park resident contacted police on August 16 in reference to a possible identity theft. The victim informed the responding officer that an unknown person had opened an account with an online trade securities brokerage using her personal information.  She further stated that she had not authorized anyone to use her information. No money changed hands, according to the police report filed, and the account was closed.
Police chase suspects after
encounter at gas station

An incident that started inside a Clements Ferry Road area gas station/convenience store on August 17 led to a police chase and citations for two men. A City of Charleston Police offer patrolling the location just before 8 pm observed a clerk exit the store with a customer “visibly shaking” after a man reportedly tried to reach across the counter and grab her cell phone to enter his number in it. The victim stated the individual was “acting weird” in the store before leaving in an SUV.  Officers later found the vehicle and attempted to pull it over. The driver of the car failed to respond to the blue lights and siren. The vehicle eventually stopped, but two passengers immediately fled the scene on foot. Another passenger remained in the rear of the car and was cited for having an open container of alcohol in a moving vehicle. Warrants for failing to stop for blue lights and habitual offender were filed for the driver of the vehicle, who is believed to be the individual involved in the altercation at the convenience store.
On August 20, a Clements Ferry Road flooring business reported a theft of five full aluminum propane tanks, valued at $100 each, from a metal storage cage behind the location.  According to the police report filed, surveillance footage of the site revealed a while male using what appeared to be bolt cutters to remove the lock on the tank cage. The man, dressed in denim overalls and a black t-shirt, removed the tanks and fled the area. The case is under investigation.
A thief targeted a truck parked in the Publix parking lot on August 23, taking off with six canisters of refrigerant. The owner/driver of the vehicle said the canisters were removed sometime between 10:30 am and 5:30 pm that day. The refrigerant cans were secured with a steel cable, but were not locked, stated the complainant. He also noted that a pair of red bolt cutters, not previously in the vehicle, was discovered in the rear cargo area.    
Police were called to a residence in Fairbanks Oak Ally on Daniel Island on August 20 to investigate a report of vandalism. The complainant told officers that between August 13 and August 20, an unknown person or persons using “unknown means” gained access to the ground floor parking garage and discharged six fire extinguishers, spilled several buckets of paint/construction liquid, destroyed two security cameras, broke several window sashes, and scattered nails and screws on the floor. The police report filed on the incident further stated that a pile of burned plastic material and other objects was also discovered. Police did not observe any sign of forced entry. The complainant and police planned to watch video obtained from surveillance cameras in the location to assist in the investigation.
Credit card fraud
An Etiwan Park resident reported to police on August 21 that someone made unauthorized transactions with his bank debit card on June 21. The suspect reportedly used the card for purchases at Wal-Mart and CVS in Las Vegas, Nevada, totaling more than $13,000. The last time the victim used his card was to pay a taxi cab driver while visiting Las Vegas on the same day the fraudulent transactions were made. Upon discovering the unauthorized purchases on his card, the victim asked his bank to cancel the account.

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