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Community : Top Stories Last Updated: Mar 13, 2013 - 9:26:21 AM

Pork, Pints & Pearls Benefits Windwood Family Services
Mar 6, 2013 - 8:56:43 AM

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At the oyster table! Ashley Demooney, Margaret Crame, Jimmy Henson and Bob Kriza shuck for a great cause and are rewarded with great oysters.
Eddie O'Neill of Coastlend Mortgage gets his pig and pearl on.
Peace, Love, Hip Hop crews ranging in age from 5 to 40-plus entertained oyster roast guests with a surprise flashmob that ended with a confetti eruption as the dancers showed “We got your backs!” in support of the children at Windwood Farms.
Girls in pink rule! Dad Clayton, with girls Mattie and Tatum Demooney, are drawn to the fun of the jump castle.
Amy Hassinger, a swim instructor with One Life Aquatics, demonstrates the proper way to enjoy an oyster!
Justin Sosnouski bobs out of the giant slide!
Parents Chris and Katy Selverian of Daniel Island enjoyed a day at the oyster roast with their children, Harry and Chloe.
Kolten snuggles with Pearl!
Joy enjoyed holding Jasmine the bunny at the petting area.

Tyler brought Capy, his miniature horse, to provide entertainment at the oyster roast.
Cold but looking good! Ann Sullivan Morrow is bundled up against the cold and sports beautiful face paint.

Hope is a precious commodity, especially to those who have lost it. For the young residents at Windwood Farm Home for Children, it is being lovingly restored – one child at a time.  
Located on a 110-acre site, nestled among the oaks and marsh grasses along the Wando River in Awendaw, it is a safe haven where kids who have suffered unspeakable abuse and neglect come to be rescued from their pasts. Here, as the facility’s website explains, “they gain the confidence to stand tall, break out into joyous laughter, and recapture a glimpse of a childhood denied to them for far too long.”
The state accredited psychiatric residential treatment facility and intensive residential group care home can take up to 27 children at a time. They come from all walks of life and all socio-economic backgrounds.  Some have suffered severe beatings, some have been abandoned, and some have either been victims of or witnesses of extreme sexual abuse and other horrific crimes.   
“I don’t even like to tell people their stories because they just get so heartbreaking,” said Kristin Power, Windwood’s director of development, in a 2009 article in The Daniel Island News. “The things that these kids have had done to them, you just think to yourself ‘how could anyone do that to a kid, let alone their own kid?’ Nine times out of ten, it’s just their parent or their grandparent or their aunt or their uncle, and it’s just heart-wrenching.”
The recent “Pork, Pints & Pearls” Pig and Oyster Roast at Daniel Island’s Children’s Park raised critical dollars that will help further the Windwood Farm mission. Money generated at the event will enable the facility’s dedicated staff to continue to provide their patients with the deep psychological therapy they need to help them process what they experienced and move forward in a positive way.  Staff members focus on providing help, hope and healing, while building foundations to influence futures and break any cycles of abuse that may exist.
“We definitely do everything we can here to break patterns,” added Power. “We basically work on breaking down the barriers. And the biggest thing is getting them to be able to trust us, getting them to be able to see that we mean them well and we’re not going to hurt them or harm them and that we have their best interests in mind.”
The children start their days at Windwood like many of their school-age counterparts throughout the Lowcountry. After waking up and enjoying breakfast in a house overlooking the Wando River, they go to class in a quaint red school house on the grounds, where they are instructed by Charleston County School District teachers.  They take subjects like reading, writing, math and social skills, and engage in one-on-one sessions with caring, adult mentors.  Recreational therapy is also part of the day and can include riding horses, bike riding, or navigating a climbing wall.
“Windwood has a way of touching your heart and soul,” stated Daniel Island resident David Hand, who serves on the facility’s Board of Directors. “…Over the past 23 years I have watched the support network grow from just a few very dedicated local individuals to now include thousands of supporters and volunteers at every conceivable level…I have also had the wonderful privilege to hear the stories of how the children have healed, grown and become reintroduced to what we call a normal life.”
Inclement weather prompted organizers of the “Pork, Pints and Pearls” event on Daniel Island to initially cancel the event from its original February 23 date. But an outpouring of support led to a rescheduling for March 2. Power praised attendees for “being so positive” in the wake of disappointment.
“We were so excited that we had the opportunity to pull the event off this (past) weekend for our faithful attendees,” said Power. “… Our vendors have been amazing. They all chipped in and helped us resurrect the event for little to no cost. We could not have pulled this off without them…(It) has been better than anyone could have expected. We are so glad everyone had so much fun and enjoyed great food, music and drink. All we can say is we can’t wait until 2014!”
To make a donation to Windwood Farm, or for more information, please visit the facility’s website at
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