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Meet the Staff

Posted in: Staff

Meet the Publisher/Managing Editor

Sue Detar, Publisher/Managing Editor. Sue started the newspaper in the fall of 2003 to merge two of passions - writing and her community. The Daniel Island News is Sue's first publishing and editing adventure.

 "I saw some really great papers in other small communities and wanted to bring a community paper to my own neighborhood," Sue said.
Sue and her family moved to Daniel Island in 1997 with her then two children, before the I-526 interchange to the island was built. At the time, there were only about 50 people living on Daniel Island and it was hard to find someone for her children to play with. Her third child, born in 1998, was one of the first children to be born on Daniel Island. Today, there are so many children, businesses, churches and friends on the island that a community newspaper serves as an excellent avenue for communication.

A 1988 graduate of Lafayette College with a degree in Government & Law and Russian Studies, Sue is also a 1991 graduate of Temple University School of Law. Prior to starting the paper, she taught political science at Charleston Southern University. Sue's legal experience is in construction and engineering law and in general business.

The paper has two mottos: (1) The Daniel Island News - Promoting the Power of Community; and (2) The Daniel Island News - That's My Paper!
Both mottos fit Sue's vision for the paper: "I encourage our readers to contribute stories and photos to the paper because The Daniel Island News is the community's paper."

You can reach Sue at 843.345.1563 or at  

Meet the staff


Ronda Schilling, Sales Executive, is an active resident in the Daniel Island community. Ronda is athletic minding, having served on the City of Charleston Recreation Commission, organized the first kids triathlon, and served as the treasurer of the Daniel Island Flying Fish swim team. Ronda has a bachelors of science degree, having worked as a respiratory therapist for 10 years and is a commissioned oil artist. Ronda, her husband Bob, and two children enjoy boating, running and the healthy Daniel Island lifestyle. Ronda can be reached at or at 843-330-1981.

Trudy Hicks, Sales Executive, is an experienced retailer and business owner. She lives on Daniel Island with her husband, H.R., and their two children, where she is a member of the Daniel Island Club and is an avid tennis player. Trudy graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Management and Marketing. She uses her experience as a business owner, her backround in retail and marketing, and her knowledge of Daniel Island to help businesses successfuly attract and reach the Daniel Island marketplace. Trudy can be reached at or at 843-327-7014.

Jan Marvin
Jan Marvin, Creative Art Director/Website Content Editor/Classified Ad Director, owned a graphic design business in Chicago and Georgia before moving to Mt. Pleasant. Before her career as a graphic designer, she was a professional A.S.I.D. Commercial Interior Designer. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Architectural Technology. She has worked as a graphic designer at an advertising agency, printing companies and at Denon Digital where she did color separations for screen printing on CD’s for Disney, Arista Records, Dreamcast Saga and Earthlink. She was copy editor/graphic designer at two newspaper publishers in Georgia and she helped to launch a weekly newspaper, The Oconee Leader. She created promos and ran the cameras during newscasts in production at WCBD-TV2 (NBC). She lives in Mt. Pleasant with her husband, Rick and two children. Jan can be reached at or at 843-856-1999.

Meet the writers

Elizabeth Bush
Elizabeth Bush, News and Features Writer. Beth graduated from Appalachian State University in 1989 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Communication Arts (and a concentration in Broadcast Journalism). After graduating, she worked at WCTI-TV 12 News in New Bern, North Carolina, as a Weekend News Anchor/Reporter and Producer. While at WCTI-TV, Elizabeth also served as Bureau Chief for the station�s Jacksonville office, covering a variety of stories about the Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejeune, military deployments to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Storm, and more. In addition, she traveled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to report on the marines� involvement in the Haitian Relief Effort.

In 1994, Elizabeth transitioned into the field of public relations and took a position as Communications Specialist for Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, PA. After several years as a �stay-at-home� mom, she recently rekindled her journalism career as a freelance writer for The Daniel Island News. She lives on Daniel Island with her husband, Jeff, and their two children, Allyson and Cameron.

You can contact Beth at (843) 670-8830 or via e-mail at:





Contact Us

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Contact Us!
To sign up for breaking news email alerts, Click on the email address below and put
"email alerts" in the subject line:

To place a classified ad, call Jan at 843-856-1999

or email:

Mailing Address:

Daniel Island Publishing

225 Seven Farms Drive

Unit 108

Daniel Island, SC 29492 

Office Number: 843-856-1999

Fax Number: 843-856-8555

Suzanne Detar

Publisher/Managing Editor:

call: 843-856-1999

or email:


Ronda Schilling

Sales Executive:

call: 843-330-1981

or email:


Trudy Hicks

Sales Executive:

call: 843-327-7014

or email:


Jan Marvin

Creative Art Director/Website Content Editor/Classified Ad Director/Circulation

call: 843-856-1999

or email:


Beth Bush


call: 843-670-8830

or email:

Steve Ferber
E mail:


Penny Heater
call: 843-813-5755

or email:

About the Paper

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The Daniel Island News is a modified weekly newspaper with a magazine feel that also includes feature photography. We go to great lengths to cover all aspects of island life on Daniel Island, from local interest stories, local sports, student events and business items to more complicated matters affecting our local government.
    The Daniel Island News is published on newsprint but has a magazine feel. The print size per page is 10 inches wide by 13.25 inches high. The page format is typically one of five columns. This format has proved to be more dynamic in appearance than other formats, creating higher reader interest and more powerful results for our advertisers.
    Our publication is printed on newspaper, has a full-color cover and back cover and includes 14 full color pages inside. We generally print between 32 and 40 pages per week.

    There is no other community in the Charleston area that has a paper of this quality. In fact, few towns and cities of any size will be able to match it. The paper is a local product, designed, written and distributed by a local company and enjoys the support of the local community.
    The editorial content is designed to create the highest and most favorable reader response, thus creating a positive response to the advertisements of our customers. The Daniel Island News has lots of neat, appealing features:
    1. A weekly theme. Past issues have featured scuba diving, professional women?s tennis, gardening, South Carolina revolutionary war history, alligator control, golf and many, many more. The first issue of every month focuses on various Lowcountry sports topics and is aptly named First Thursday Sports Edition.
    2. Features and profiles of leading personalities, creative talents, and people who get things done in every walk of life.
    3. Success stories from the business community. How an entrepreneur gets an idea, makes a plan and builds a business?at the same time as he is helping to build his community.
    4. Island News
    5. Articles on local history, richly illustrated with drawings and old photographs.
    6. Editorials and commentary.
    7. Home and garden.
    8. Fun and recreation.
    9. Religion.
    10. Movie and restaurant reviews
    11. Sports. We cover The Charleston Battery, Family Circle Tennis, Bishop England and Hanahan sports and a variety of local athletes.
    12. Medicine
    13. Fashion and etiquette
    14. Things to do and places to go.
    15. Drawings, maps and dozens of great photographs.
    16. Kid's Say and Roving Reporter
    The Daniel Island News is circulated to every household on the island, to Bishop England students and faculty, all businesses on the Island (including Blackbaud, Cigna, Family Circle, Hampton Inn and more), to select business and developments on Clements Ferry Rd. and to drop spots on Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, downtown Charleston and Hanahan.
    The print run is 8,000 and our weekly readership is estimated well above 20,000.
     It is mailed to political and governmental leaders statewide.
    THE DANIEL ISLAND PUBLISHING CORPORATION, LLC publishes The Daniel Island News and is a company that publishes a newspaper of the highest possible quality, containing the most effective advertising and offering the greatest possible circulation for our readers and clients. To do this our staff brings into play our creative energies and imaginations and we seek input from our readers and clients. We work as a team, and the input of each of us, our readers and our advertisers is very important.

Ad Rates for The Daniel Island News

Posted in: Media Kit

Advertise in the Daniel Island News and reach the ideal marketplace. The Daniel Island News is the source of news and information for Daniel Island, South Carolina.

To Place an ad, call 843-856-1999

(Rates subject to change



[ Download/View Advertising_Rate_Card_2015.pdf ]



Deal of the Month

Posted in: Sales & Marketing News

We want our advertisers' businesses to succeed. We want their ads in our paper to bring them customers. So we are taking additional steps to make that happen.


In 2011 we are introducing new products and services, some of them free, that we believe will help promote their business and bring them more customers. Beginning in our first edition of January, at no additional cost to our customers, we are publishing a new section - a Directory of Advertisers of the Week - that will make it easy for our readers to locate our advertisers by their service or business category and to contact them by phone.  We will also promote the new Directory through print ads and on our Facebook page. This is a FREE service we are providing because we know that our success depends on advertisers' successes. And we know that our readers look to us for information about our advertisers. We look forward to working with our advertisers to make 2011 a great year for their business!


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