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Keep spreading the news
By Suzanne Detar
Oct 10, 2012 - 9:11:25 AM

Nine years ago this month we launched the first edition of The Daniel Island News. At the time, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as National Newspaper Week, a week dedicated to celebrating, recognizing, and promoting the positive impact community newspapers have on our communities.
At the time, we worried that we wouldn’t have enough news to warrant a weekly publication. Our readers, advertisers, critics, and community newsmakers proved us wrong. Today, cynics say that there is no longer a demand for community newspapers. Our readers, advertisers, critics, and community newsmakers are proving them wrong as well.
Each week we receive a multitude of submissions and requests. People want to put their news, photos, accomplishments and ads in The Daniel Island News. Each week we initiate, investigate, and report on stories that impact our community. Each week we are faced with the dilemma of what we actually have room to fit in the paper and what has to be pushed back to later editions.
We’ve discovered that our reader demand and input is even greater in today’s market of media outlet overload than at any time over the last nine years. We’ve discovered that Facebook, TV, radio, Twitter and other web based applications actually supplement and help us gather news but in no way supplants the need for our community paper. We’ve discovered that people want to see it and learn about it in our newspaper.
Why is this so? Simply put, newsmakers and advertisers want to be in our paper because they get a response from it. The community wants to read our paper because they get information they need.
All in all – that is worth a week of celebration – a celebration of thanksgiving to our readers, advertisers, and newsmakers, and to our critics. A hearty thank you to you all!

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