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Features : Editorial Last Updated: May 1, 2013 - 9:14:11 AM

Readers share their views on the first congressional district candidates
May 1, 2013 - 9:10:07 AM

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Over the weekend, on Saturday night, The Daniel Island News sent a survey to our email list asking our readers to answer a brief survey about who they planned to vote for in the First Congressional race on May 7.  We also listed a link to the survey on our Facebook page on Monday.
The survey results are printed in the chart to the right. Our readers indicate that they favor Colbert Busch to Sanford, with Colbert Bush leading in the survey, with 51.9 percent of the vote to Sanford’s 43.7 percent. Historically Daniel Island voters have voted overwhelming for Republican candidates. For instance, in the last race for the First Congressional District seat, Daniel Islanders were 3 to 1 in favor of the Republican candidate Tim Scott over the Democratic candidate Bobbie Rose. Additionally, in the Republican primary runoff several weeks ago, Daniel Island voters gave almost 57 percent of their votes in favor of Sanford over challenger Curtis Bostic.
Here’s what are readers are saying now:
Reader comments
in Favor of Colbert Busch:
I like ECB's ideology and standpoints. So much actually that I work on the campaign.
She is not likely to be an ideological obstructionist, unlike Mark Sanford, to say nothing of his taking self-absorption to a new level with his personal behavior.
She is the best candidate of the three!
She is intelligent, accomplished, and has a record of job creation. Plus ... she's never walked out on her constituents! I don't need the fake Southern charm of Mark Sanford. It didn't work on me the first time, and it does nothing for me now. When will the people of South Carolina wake up and cut their ties to a tea party that does nothing for them except attempt to establish a "higher moral ground" on which few in their party can stand?
Mark Sanford is an idiot. Eugene Platt seems pretty awesome, but doesn't have a chance to win. Elizabeth Colbert Busch seems smart, forward-thinking, and responsible.
She holds promise not uncertainty.
Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a candidate we can trust to work for the interests of our district. She has actual real life experience as a businessperson.
I believe in what she is committed to. I would not trust Mark Sanford again with our state.
Democratic and Sanford doesn't deserve to run again.
She's a woman whose personal history is inspiring, work ethic is impeccable and message is empowering to SC: create jobs!
I am voting for her because I believe she is the best person to represent the first district in congress. She has a great background in business and is open minded!
Simply because she is NOT Sanford ~ and I am a Republican.
I am a Democrat, a woman and I think Sanford is dishonest and a pig!!
1. Well respected businesswoman, in a male dominated industry. 2. She's willing to invest in our community, not starve our community of much-needed funds to upgrade our schools and infrastructure to be competitive in 21st Century. 3. High personal integrity. Unquestionable.
She is the only fit candidate.
Best of the two. Mark Sanford cannot be trusted to perform the duties of the job.
She's smart, and trustworthy and NOT a bubba.
She isn’t a liar.
I believe she will best represent South Carolina and what South Carolina needs.
She is smart, has integrity and I believe can make a positive change.
She seems like a decent person, unlike M. Sanford, whose very candidacy is a slap in the face to the women in SC, especially the married women. Would also consider the Green Party if I thought they have a chance to win.
Throughout her career in the business world she has helped to create good jobs for South Carolina.
She better represents my views socially and fiscally. Sanford doesn't know anything about living from paycheck to paycheck. It's all about saving money for him--money that could help the poor, the elderly, and education in this state and district.
Because she is an action oriented progressive. She won't just say no to everything.
Sanford is fake. Elizabeth is real. Enough said.
She gives hope for change from the typical politicians. Also, MS is a liar, cheat and thief, which has been proven, and he has been penalized for. Why would I want to put him in a position of speaking for me.
She is the overall best fit for the job. I support her position on the port.
I believe Colbert Busch is an able candidate. Sanford presents himself as a good old boy who excuses himself for his indiscretions and expects the voters to do the same.
She is an upstanding citizen.
I am a democratic and support the platform that Ms. Busch is proposing. I think she is the best candidate to represent our interests in Washington.
I would be so happy to have a woman represent this district. There are not enough women in federal government roles. I feeling Sanford is unwilling to compromise in order to move forward as shown by his line in the sand positions in the past. These kind of hard liners are creating unproductive deadlock and bitter divisions in Washington.
I am a fiscal conservative, but Mark Sanford's actions speak more loudly than his words. I am voting for Elizabeth Colbert Busch because she is not Mark Sanford.
She's focused on people and their livelihoods; she's smart, authentic, collaborative and capable. She listens more than she talks; she expects more of herself and her neighbors. She's a champion for education.
She is not a career politician. She supports first responders and she does not have a record of inappropriate behavior and bad decisions in office.
ECB is the obvious choice -- Sanford is a joke.
Will be a moderate who will help bring jobs to our area and make well reasoned public policy judgments.
Sanford is a sleezeball who can't be trusted and does not deserve to represent citizens in the district. Busch is not likely to embarrass us and is a far better choice no matter what party you typically support.
Because she stands for the ideals and social values that I cherish the most!
She's bright and has an excellent understanding of the needs of businesses and what it takes to create jobs. She also is in touch with the needs of average citizens. Mark Sanford continues to make excuses for his poor choices rather than just admitting he was wrong. He lacks the character necessary to be in such a position.
Because she's not Mark Sanford and she's the best man for the job. I am a Republican who is opposed to electing Mark Sanford for any public office.
Reader comments
in Favor of Sanford:
He was a great Govenor and Congressman.
Do not like the ugly negative campaign Busch is running. All she can do is bash Sanford. Let's hear some solutions to the problems that SC faces. We all know what Sanford did so find something else to talk about.
He is conservative and what you see is what you get. She is progressive and will be a rubber stamp for Obama's failed policies.
Dedication to conservative spending habits.
Sticking with the Republican Party.
His conservative views
Busch has zero chance of representing my values in Congress. She would be forced into lockstep with the progressives that run her party. I can forgive Sanford his transgressions.
Experience.....I think he's learned from his mistakes and that they won't be repeated. He is the most qualified to do the job.
He is the only one qualified for the job. Having a famous brother is not a qualification.
While I know that Mark Sanford has had an awful personal track record, I do know before that he was an exceptional congressman if you were a conservative. He went to Washington, slept in his office on a cot, and voted as we elected him.. As Govenor, he was tremendously conservative, and despite his personal issues, that I don't discount, he is truly a conservative candidate. He believes in small government and small business. As a small business owner, I truly believe that if government would get out of our way, we could restore prosperity. I think Sanford supports that platform.
Even a bad Republican is better than a good Democrat!
Important to have a Republican majority in the house. Without it, Obama will inflict more damage on our country and way of life!
Fiscal policy.
Proven track record, cares about economy, conservative, fiscally conservative.
Aligns more closely with my core conservative values, and I have not been able to learn enough about where Elizabeth Colbert Busch stands on the issues that I feel comfortable voting for her. I think they should have had numerous televised debates instead of all of the mudslinging commercials.
Most conservative candidate. Budget hawk. Most qualified.
Experience....don't like unions!
Experience, conservative values.
Mark's record has been consistent as a fiscal conservative and thus friend of the taxpayer. The local media simply hasn't been curious at all about his opponent Ms Busch which speaks volumes to me. What we do know about her is that she is pro union, pro Obama care, pro gay marriage and supported heavily by the likes of Nancy Pelosi - how can a person with these views and relationships be a representative of the folks of the first district?
He's a proven fiscal Conservative.
Sanford has the experience and track record to help end the reckless spending and deficit spiral in Washington.
Conservative Republican.
Gov. Sanford understands that we must balance our budget and have a strong defense. He has the experience as a former congressman and Governor of South Car0lina.
Politically conservative.
He is better for the economic climate of the area.
Has the experience, has the best interests of the community in mind and is fiscally responsible.
Believe he is best for economy and fiscal matters.
He who is without sin should cast the first stone. I think everyone deserves a second chance.
His experience. I am tired of her campaign and the Democratic party telling me why I should not vote for Sanford instead of them telling me why I should vote for Colbert Bush.
Additional reader comments:
I don't support any of the candidates but I will not vote for someone who is pro union.
Don't like Mark Sanford.
Don't trust Sandord and/or endorse furthering he career with tax dollars from the very people he lied to and disgraced. Don't know much about Platt. Don't love Busch's stance on unions but she is better than Sanford.
Not voting. The Republican National Committee needs to support viable candidates. These choices make me sick.
I am shocked that South Carolina would revote Mark Sanford back into office. I think most are just doing so because he has the "R" next to his name and they are not really thinking about their decision....Sad.
Sanford is against abortion, and I believe in pro choice
Lesser of two evils.
Not a fan of Busch stance with unions.
Would Not Vote For A Philanderer.
A vote for Busch is a vote for Obama policy -- it is driving this country bankrupt. If he regains control of the House, he will push his agenda even harder.
I could not conceive of voting for Sanford!
Don't like Sanford.
It's time for a change in leadership in this state.
Character is everything in leadership. Sanford is a scoundrel.
Republicans are out of touch with reality and way too conservative. We need to preserve the freedom our country is based upon - not turn into a bunch of close minded prejudiced zealots.
Vote against the disaster of policies the Democrats have forced on the country.
I can't contribute to a bigger Democratic majority in Congress because of the Democrats' approach to reducing the deficit, their demonization of business, and their ideologically-driven, rather than pragmatic, energy policy. Yet again, I am voting against policies and candidates rather than for them.
Mr. Sanford is not honest.
Busch cannot be trusted. If she gets to DC I believe she will sell out to the Dems who have funded her campaign
It is simple. Busch represents big spending and unions.
Because Sanford is just a whiner and he'll do absolutely nothing
Too much mud slinging for my taste. I'm out.
Tired of South Carolina being dominated by Republicans. Time for some real debate.
We don’t need Nancy Pelosi telling our rep how to vote.
Cannot stand liberals or unions.
Democrats are ruining this country.
Mark Sanford is a very dishonest "man." Also, he's pretty arrogant!
Because Sanford is an untrustworthy lunatic.
Sanford is embarrassing to the universe.
I cannot support a pro union Democrat
We need representation for the conservatives.
I am a Republican but Sanford has proven himself unfit for office.
Colbert is funded by Pelosi and the Unions. She has no political experience and will not debate.
I am not voting. I cannot vote for Sanford and I cannot believe he made it this far.
Both Busch and Sanford are conservatives.
Busch is a labor union driven liberal who stretches the truth.  I am against dirty politics.
Job creation. Trust. Sanford cannot be trusted.
Best of a bad bunch.
I hate Mark Sanford.
Why the hell would you vote for someone that lied and cheated?
I'm pro life, pro 2nd amendment, anti-Obamacare, anti-Pelosi, and not a fan of unions or the NLRB. I cannot support a Democrat as my representative.
Sanford is one of the worst scumbags ever. Platt is an idiot. Busch will be a tool of Obama and his socialist buddies. They all suck.
I like his policies better than Colbert Busch. But I am mad at Republicans for voting for him in the primary!! There were about 10 other candidates running for Republican seat who would be a better choice than Sanford.

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