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Thanksgiving Survey
Nov 20, 2012 - 11:05:29 AM

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, we asked our readers to share their thoughts about what they are most thankful for as well as to share some of their Thanksgiving traditions. Overwhelmingly, our readers are most thankful for family and health. Below are some excerpts from our readers’ responses.
Also, on the lighter side, our readers overwhelmingly eat turkey on Thanksgiving compared to any other main dish (94.3 percent). When it comes to pies, however, it is a close split between pumpkin and pecan, with pumpkin pie eaters outnumbering pecan pie eaters, 58.8 percent to 41.2 percent.

Our readers are most thankful for…
“I am most thankful for my family and friends. I have been fortunate that the line between family and friends is very thin and I have surrounded myself with some amazing people!”
“I am thankful for my wonderful husband, family, and friends. Having a job, a 401K, and health insurance is a nice bonus! I am also grateful that I am still able to continue my charitable donations of both time and money to people less fortunate than myself. I hope everyone finds that this is the perfect time of year to stop being selfish and start being selfless.”
“Family, health and freedom.”
“Personal health, family and Daniel Island residence.”
“I'm most thankful for my wife and 3 beautiful kids!”
“Health, it makes life so enjoyable to have good health.”
“I am thankful for living in a free country, but I am concerned we are moving to a socialist country.”
“Family and friends. We live in New Jersey (have a vacation place on Daniel Island for over 4 years) and were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Had flooding in our house but we are okay, and the material things can be replaced and we are already getting our house back in order.”
“That my family and friends in New Jersey are safe, even those who lost so much.”
“I am most thankful for my relationship with God and the love and grace He has given me.”
“God and my family.”
“Our family being together. Because we have very few times when this opportunity is available.”
“I am most thankful for my family, health, work-- living in a great place-like DI.”
“My daughter and husband- they bring me joy and keep life exciting! Also grateful for wellness, well-being and a healthy body, mind & spirit thanks to regular exercise thanks to biking, dancing & yoga.”
“I am most thankful for my family, friends, and our community, because they are always there for me!”
“A close-knit family, who practically does everything together.”
“...being able to afford to live on Daniel Island and be part of this wonderful community.”
“My family, my health, and most of all for my Lord and Savior.”
“I am most thankful for a healthy, ‘usually’ happy family living both here on Daniel Island and elsewhere in the world.”
“Thankful for my health, the love of Christ our Lord, my husband and children and that they have jobs. Why: I am afraid of what this country may become with handouts to people that don’t want to work.”
“Family, friends, health and enough savings to enjoy time with them and to travel.”
“My husband of 22 years and my three great kids!”
“My family and my faith in God.”
“My Mother! She is the most amazing woman and has been there for everyone in my family. Though she has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, she remains completely selfless and is always doing everything she can to help others.”
“Having family close by so that we can celebrate the holiday with minimal travel - and having everyone come to my place on DI!”
“My beautiful family and especially my newborn twin girls!! They remind me that every day is a miracle.”
“That three family members are still with us having survived cancer; that we have been blessed with 3 healthy grandchildren; that we have a way to earn a good living by serving others, have a roof over our heads and plenty to eat.”
“It is hard to say just one thing that I am thankful for. I live in a beautiful city, and work in a wonderful community here on Daniel Island, and am very thankful for my family.”
“That we are doing more and more to help one another.”
“I am most thankful for my husband, children, family and friends because no matter what happens in life I can always turn to them for support, encouragement, advice and laughter. They make each and every day worth living.”
“This year, I'm most thankful that our family is healthy and that the Berkeley County school referendum was approved.”
“I am most thankful for my daughter who has such a kind heart and is a wonderful joy to me.”
“Life and all its Blessings!”
“To be alive and healthy.”

Thanksgiving Traditions
“Picking a charity to support throughout the holiday season ... be it the USO, Lowcountry Food Bank, or Pet Helpers.”
“Family gatherings and board games.”
“Visiting w/our only child and her young family in New Jersey.”
“Children are including us in their new traditions.”
“We write down what we are thankful for on a piece of paper and then read it aloud around the dinner table.”
“Dinner that must include turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, stuffing, wine, corn, potatoes...and all home made desserts and a lot of family.”
“Since we moved here 8 years ago, we have gone to our neighbors for dinner. I do miss all those leftovers though!”
“None. Working on starting my own special traditions with my family.”
“My husband's family celebrates by having a family reunion every Thanksgiving. (beginning on Wednesday and culminating on Sunday). This year we will celebrate for the 41st year. We will have 4th generations in attendance. We have much to be happy and grateful for this Thanksgiving season.”
“We usually get up early to prepare our turkey for the oven and while we are making breakfast we watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!”
“Watch Macy's parade, say blessings and spend time with family.”
“Going around the table during dinner while each of us says what we are most thankful for… and then calling those family members who could not be there with us that evening.”
“Family and friends all day.”
“We always meet all at my daughter's house and before we eat, we go around the table and each say what we are thankful for and then have a blessing. We have certain foods that are a tradition.”
“Football and second "leftover" smaller meal later in the evening -- including Turkey Terrific Sandwiches made of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo, salt and pepper.”
“The family gets together always and shares dinner together. Each family brings a dish. We have fun and are always thankful for our blessings.”
“We go around the table and each person tells what they are thankful for. The night before, we decorate my in-law's Christmas tree and have dinner.”
“When we were younger, we, along with aunts, uncles and cousins, would go to my grandparents house in a small town in Georgia to celebrate the holiday. The whole family would be together. Since they passed away, Thanksgiving just has not been the same.”
“The children color placemats for the table and they wear either a Pilgrim's hat or Indian feathers. Then one child reads a Thanksgiving poem or prayer, followed by a group prayer of thanks before beginning the meal.”
“Food, football and a nice nap.”
“Get away from email and phone service.”
“On Thanksgiving, that is when my family starts listening to Christmas music. We are CHRISTMAS-AHOLICS so we are so eager for Thanksgiving Day to kick off our holiday season!”
“Multiple turkeys - one fried, one oven roasted; and many traditional dishes, ‘just like Mom used to make,’ including baked corn, candied yams and dressing. Good, comfort food memories.”
“Shopping on Thanksgiving evening.”
“Family time and football!”
“Special turkey stuffing recipe.”
“We all gather together at my niece’s home- about 45 of us, we each bring a dish and a desert and after dinner we pass around a poster and we each write what we are Thankful for. We save them each year and look back at them. An awesome memento and it truly makes you realize the bond of family and how lucky and grateful we all are to have one another.”
“Watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.”
“Bloody Mary's, football, walking.”

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