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Features : Editorial Last Updated: Oct 10, 2012 - 9:11:11 AM

The Evolution of Our New Logo
By Jack Little, ECCO
Oct 10, 2012 - 9:09:51 AM

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We are happy to announce that we have a new logo that expresses our past, present and future! The evolution of our journey has taken many turns and our history is steeped in the love of community and the pursuit of change. To begin talking about the future, we must begin with our past.
In the days after Hurricane Hugo in 1989, Monsignor James Carter at Christ Our King Catholic Church quickly responded and began directing others in helping the victims of this terrible storm. In their effort, it was discovered that there was a subculture of poverty and it called forth a community response. Our new logo resembles a life ring used to rescue people from stormy waters. We continue to throw this life ring to those in need and ask that they have the ambition and drive in order to reach out their hand and help themselves out of their situation. We reach people where they live and lead them to create a never imagined possibility. Our history contains the message of hope.
ECCO's ministry of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" attempts to improve the quality of life in our community in a compassionate way that respects the dignity and worth of every person. We offer a hand out as well as a hand up. ECCO provides emergency assistance for food, clothing, household furnishings, and financial needs. The stability of these safety net services are the core to attaining a secure future. The hands in our new logo offer inspiration and inclusivity in our mission. Our present contains the message of compassion.
ECCO's vision is to eliminate poverty in the East Cooper communities. We are assisting our clients to dream and realize that dreams can come true. The hands move from a light blue to a darker blue symbolizing how people can be enlightened and moved toward a positive future.
We recognize that many of the families we serve lack the schooling needed to transition from crisis to an independent and financially stable lifestyle. In offering our Getting Ahead Family Partnership program we maintain our mission of improving our community by addressing the internal needs of the impoverished. These educational classes encourage productivity and motivate people to be accountable in their everyday lives. We all like the message of a better future in our country and our world. Our new logo also looks much like the recycling icon which is a circle that continuously rotates back together creating a promise of self-sufficiency. We treat our purpose holistically wanting to heal the entire person. Our future message focuses on empowerment.
As we move forward, we will look upon our new logo and take inspiration from it. Our original promise to our community continues even while growing and expanding. ECCO exists to educate the uneducated, to inspire the hopeless, and to foster the growth of those who are not able to dream for a better future. ECCO receives nothing but private and individual funding. No government grants or assistance. We depend on our community to continue the mission of "Neighbors helping Neighbors to help themselves."
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